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great one - more BANKs please ( 99 )

Dude - that thing rocks !!

a MIDI Retrigger - like automatic refresh - would be great for this device - every time you start ableton the Arp starts from the last stopped state which is a bit off
thanks !

very nice - but it has bug where the THS settings with multiple devices is set back to zero and mutes the chain output when reloading a project

Dude - this is the best SCALE Decvice out there - thanks !!!!

Amazing !!
would love random velocity
and some per step controls like gate, velo, ratchet, and direction of the seq per note
great job

that's a great one !!
would love also the K5 ;) AND midi out per note to route on 4 or 5 instruments like in 2RuleMidiSeq5.amxd
keep up the good work !

Hey Tom - any chance to get the Clip Launch Mode "Gate" working as it should be ? Trigger and Gate behaviour seems to be the same - also same in your Midi Note to Clip Slot Trigger Device... cheers

very nice device!!
would be awesome if the phasing parameters (P / Pt / X / R & the sequence directions) would be MIDI map able :)

Hello - i also can not map the XY to midi - it always jumps from 0.00 to 1.00... if i map it to a macro knob if even just show those both values - any help ?

supernice - now i can switch Tetra's polychain on and off via midi !!
thanks !!