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NRPN Gen Version 0.3
Meeblip Se Remote Version 1.0
Triode CTRL Version 1.0
NRPN Gen 2 Version 1.0

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@chapellerfou, enjoy your Prophe Rev-2! And glad you found the user guide useful. :)

@S4racen, thanks! Specially consediring yours ;)

Just released NRPN gen 2

@chaircrusher Thanks :) Anyway I'm sure there is a lot to improve.

@chaircrusher Absolutely yours do the job, If I had seen it sooner, I won't be doing mine. Anyway mine is pretty much the same, with the exception of the GUI (which I spend most of the time, me and my compulsive obsessive disorders), and a function that helps on draw single step envelopes for preset saving as Clip's automation. And therefore automate recalling. I din't create any preset saving, random or morphing functions. I did it for my original Meeblip SE (, and at last I didn't use them too much hehehe. Well hopefully I will end tonight. I drop you a link when done if you want.


Funny, I started my Triode m4l based controller yesterday because there wasn't any one here. Too bad you haven't the idea yesterday, now I'm almost finishing hehehe.



the device is intended for Max6, not sure if it works on 5, may be with some small changes, at the end is pretty simple.

for each "control" the device sends two 7 bit values that your hardware interprets as 14bit value so it can`t be a limitation of live.