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Name | Version: MultiMapper 1.06
Author: mothergarage
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: 8 dials you can map to any midi-mapable control in Live. Looks like the eight macro devices you usually get. Just a tweaked version of the Multimap device which comes with M4L, so credits go there.

Version 1.01: Added dynamic naming of the dials. Thanks to Lokua.

Version 1.02: Added preset saving and randomizing.

Version 1.03: Added morphing of consecutive presets. Some GUI changes.

Version 1.04: Added possibility to rename the dials.

Version 1.05: Minor GUI changes.

Version 1.06: Fixed automapping index.

Known Issues: Push doesn't display the dynamic names.


Live Version Used: 9.0.4
Max Version Used: 6.1.3
Date Added: Jul 06 2013 08:47:59
Date Last Updated: Jul 15 2013 09:21:58
Downloads: 3675
License: None
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Device File: MultiMapper.amxd


cool, but seems not to map to the crossfader..
Awesome device, but any chance to get names of parameters inside each macro?
I don't know why the crossfader is not mapable. Probably a bug in m4l?

And I don't think it is possible to get names of parameters inside each macro. Will investigate.
Can you at least make the macros name editable?
cheers. great device!
so simply c/p'd your device and made a 16 macro version.
i reeeeeally want an updated 16-24 macro device for live 9.

tried making multimapper a 24 macro, but it wouldn't save properly or something. my m4l device skills are nill..

here's a screenshot:
Good device! It would be nice to be able to map multiple parameters to one macro knob. Like with ableton macros/midi mappings.
>It would be nice to be able to map multiple parameters to >one macro knob. Like with ableton macros/midi mappings.
It would also be nice if there would be a way to offset multiple targets somehow. eg when controlling filter env sustain + decay slope
>It would be nice to be able to map multiple parameters to >one macro knob.

Just add this effect to a Instrument Rack and Map 2 Parameters to one Macro :) Event Offsets working this way !

Very Nice ! Thank You VERY much !
To be able to inverse the direction would be nice tho.
eg: instead of 0 to 100, inverse it to 100 to 0
And again me :) I just modified the patch to use a number box for entering the range for each parameter.
Now I an can enter even inversed ranges :)
It would be nice If we could have offsets between parameters
Can you make the rename applicable to PUSH? The names don't come up on PUSH when you assign, name or rename the knobs.
I need something like this but for buttons. Anyone have any suggestions??
Hi! I’m using the multimapper to make presets of the macros in different positions. But I’m not able to midi map the choosing of the presets. Do anyone know if there is a solution to this? Is it possible to map the presets?

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