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Name/Version: Notepad 1.0
Author: Prebentious  
Description: Write Notes!  

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Downloads: 7817
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Jan 13 2010 02:06:07
Date Last Updated: Jan 14 2010 16:10:29
Average Rating (8) 4
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Notepad.amxd


sooooo useful!

very cool idea!

Super useful thank you!

thnxs a lot !!

thanks mate :)

Live has a notepad already. Right click a clip and click edit info text. It's handy because you can have different notes for different clips and view them just by mousing over them and have the info window open.


Info Text is cool, but sometimes you forget you wrote a note for something if you leave the info view closed, like I do.


Best patch EVUURRR

Such a simple yet brilliant idea. Thanx for this one. I'll never lose song info again ;)


Text after line breaks is not saved with session, unfortunately.

Correction - text is saved but line breaks / formatting removed.

great, thanks!

Thanks for this! tip: disable the patch after writing text to conserve CPU ;)


Oh.. It seems that the notepad works even when the patch is disabled in Live - so keep it disabled at all times to save CPU :)

Cool tip!

Thanks for this, very handy :)

how do we make this float?

extremely useful! so much better than the built-in info!

Hi Prebentious. Thanks for your nice Device. Would you be able making it resizable so that it can be expanded or compressed like a window in Windows (Text should be floating then)? Thx.

Also can you please make a MIDI Device out of it?? This way I could put it in the middle of my chains (and not at the end). Thank you!

is there a way to get this to preserve the line breaks?

i add comments like:
1. xcomment 1
2. xcomment 2
3. xcomment 3

and when i save/reopen the project, the comments are re formatted as:
1. xcomment 1 2. xcomment 2 3. xcomment 3

any ideas on how to make it retain it's original formatting?

Hi there, is it possible to sync these notes with f.e. Evernote? So i can find my notes without the need to open Ableton Live. Or does anybody know if there's a similar plugin?

Thank you for this! Very useful.

The best way is to type like the C/C++ code, break each line with ; so that you could recognize which is one line.

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