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Scratch that ^

When I load this none of the text shows up, and it doesn't make any sound. What max components am I missing?
Thanks, Looking forward to using Scanner!

Sweet! Be sick if someone made one for the EMX-1!

Yea... This patch is pretty much killer. Perfect combination with synplant. Thanks for making my day! An LBC for microtonic would be a sick combination as well. Synplant and Microtonic sound so good.

Thanks LemuBara. I'm really digging your patches. If only we could access to the gene parameters of synplant... Perhaps someday they'll update synplant..

The steps aren't showing up for me. Am I missing something?

Is this?

I've also got the same problem with it only finding the audio FX audio units. Also the open close button doesn't open the edit window, and no signal gets into the audi device. Excited to try this out tho. Thanks

Damn.. Nice.

Live has a notepad already. Right click a clip and click edit info text. It's handy because you can have different notes for different clips and view them just by mousing over them and have the info window open.

Very nice!

Sweet, would love to see a device like this for the EMX-1 and ESX-1.