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Nudge Version 1.0
Nudge Version 1.1
Note Retrigger Version 1.1
Harmonic series Audio Version 1.0
Spectrum Analyzer Version 1.3
Note monitor Version 1.1
Note range fold Version 1.1
Simple Rungler Version 1.0
Rungler Modulator Version 1.0
Low pass gate Version 1.1
Note and Velocity constrain Version 1.0
Repetitor Version 1.9
no note repeat Version 1.0
Harmonic Series MIDI Version 1.0
KeyStep Pro Transport Version 1.4

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v1.4 available.

Great device. The only issue is that when a Session has tempo changes the time readout gets message up and does not report the correct time. Any way to fix this?

Great device. Very nice programming under the hood :)

Version 1.9

Added a randomize button "R" for each sequence.
Added a direction menu for each sequence.

Updated to v1.8

Device was built with version 10. I tested it now in version 11, no issues. Could there be another cause?

Update v1.2 available.

Nothing fancy here, feedback appreciated :)

version 1.1 available

The "Restart on Next step" buttons need their Parameter Visibility changed, they fill up the Undo buffer?

Great device, having lots of fun with this. One issue, it fills up the Undo buffer when the Rules are engaged. I think you change Parameter Visibility on the controls for Height?

Glad you're enjoying it! I had a quick look and I can add an "active steps" readout. Reading the other comments it looks like there's some other requests :)

Regarding saving presets, if I modify the device, delete it then CMD/CTRL+Z the device restores correctly. If you delete the device then reload it from the browser your settings will be lost, this happens with any device. You need to save (write) your settings before deleting the device. You would also do this if you wanted to use settings from one session in another. Am I answering the question correctly or do you mean something else?

I need to move the read/write buttons slightly lower as sometimes when you click on them they don't launch correctly, in that you have to select slightly lower on the button.

on closer inspection, maybe not half, but something is not right.

The "Locator" timing position given is incorrect. If you half the value it produces you get the correct reading. Not sure why that is, something with the API? The " current_song_time @observe 1" object gives the same reading.



Update available (1.5)

X phase controls playback/read rate, normally driven by a phasor~ object. Y phase modulates playback position, it's not always apparent on shorter samples unless you're using > 5 rows, more obvious on long samples. Instead of using a phasor~ to modulate Y I also like to use line~ so I can scan through the sample, using a rate between 0. and 1.

Yes, almost done :)

I am guessing this is the same code, I got it from the Max forum :)

OK, i'll check it out.

Want to know what a Rungler is. Here is one persons answer;

Unpredictable, chaotic modulation! A (top) modulates B (bottom) & B modulates A using "rungler" circuits, so you get feedback/cross-modulation. That's how it's supposed to work anyway ;) The other controls scale the effect. Then you can map the output or A & B to one or multiple parameters in Ableton. If I get time in the next days I will make a video.

Hi Zip

Thanks for the feedback. Yes I understand it's not perfect, I have a real low pass gate myself so I know how they respond. If you are familiar with Max most of the code for this is written in gen, and not by me, it's someone else's research. I don't do gen programming so not sure I can adjust the response time, but I can look into it. With points 2 & 3 I agree. When I get some free time I will work on an update.

Indeed! There's a explanation of it here, albeit for the hard module circuit. It's also part of a Benjolin module, if that doesn't confuse things further ;)

I was able to solve the problem, but then today when I load the original version the problem is gone! doh! Anyway it was got to do with "del 1" going into the gate before start/stop.

On another point it might be worth setting "start/stop" and "reset to transports" parameter visibility to hidden as they fill up the undo buffer.

OK, did a bit rtfm and it's a bit clearer now ;) If anyone has any further insight it couldn't hurt :)

I'm investigating why I am getting double triggers/flams on the 2 and 4 but not 8. I think it has something to do with the change/gate patching just under plugsync. Is this a known bug/limitation?

I'm investigating why I am getting double triggers/flams on the 2 and 4 but not 8. I think it has something to do with the change/gate patching just under plugsync. Is this a known bug/limitation?

Can anyone explain what the different options in the drop-down menu that contains "clock, bit 1, bit 2....etc" does? Something got to do with how info is stored and output in the shift-register?

Anyone get the presets working? I just get the "Could not access the Max device file" message. The device itself works.

Requires the Max external "spectrumdraw~", get it here;

Worked fine in Live 9, causes Live 10 to crash.

I have done and seen that implemented on other devices. I'll get working on it.

Cool, having fun with this.

Cool, thanks :)

Great! I was just about to build something like this.

Link is dead, is this still available?

Not hearing the "release sensitivity" have any affect?

Nice work, thanks :)

Sorry, ignore that last comment, that's only for material with transients, ie a drum loop. Last time I was using this was for measuring sine waves, so it behaves differently. Maybe a feature to add ;)

Is it just me or do you now have to set/edit the "value for trigger" in the scope to get the trigger mode to work properly, I adjusted it to .5? It worked before, now it doesn't. I recently upgraded to Max 6.1.8.

OK, thanks Peter :)


Hi Peter, I notice that to remove DC offsets sometimes you use cross~ and other times biquad~. I have been using the dcblocker external from Jasch. Do you find one more efficient? I want to switch and use a native solution.


Cool, I must check it out :)

Thanks for this, very handy :)

Updated link to modified version

I have just uploaded an updated version. The new version makes track selection automatically.

Here is a link to a modified version of the above device, that works better.

I have hacked the patch and am using M4L.api.chooser instead of M4L.api.SelectDevice, seems to be working ok so far.

Having the same problem as pokem. Using Live 8.2.2, OSX 10.5.8. If I test the device in a new blank session it seems to work fine. If I try to use it in an existing session when I select a plugin to modulate no device parameters appear. Also sometimes after I refresh the device list I get duplicates of certain devices. No device parameters appear for any device selected.