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Name/Version: KeyStep Pro Transport 1.4
Author: Razzkazz  
Description: This device allows you to control the transport of Ableton Live; Stop, Play, and Continue, with Arturia's Keystep Pro.

Ableton Live's sync is not tight, ever. This device offers an alternative to externally syncing Ableton Live to the KSP. The issue will Ableton Lives' external sync is the tempo constantly varies, though in very small amounts. It's also impossible to get perfect sync, no matter what settings you adjust.

In terms of sync tightness, this device is similar to external sync. But it does allow better transport control, stop/play/continue. When in regular EXT sync mode, pressing stop returns the play locator to the beginning of the song, quite annoying, but not so with this device.

This is not the ultimate solution, just possibly a better way of working in some setups.

I did have it working as both an Audio and MIDI device, but the Audio version relied on an external that is not Apple Silicon compatible, so now there is just the MIDI version. To use the device just drop it on a MIDI track and set monitoring to "In".

I am happy to do updates, so let me know of any feature requests. If you come across any bugs let me know.


v1.2 - After upgrading the firmware on the KSP (2.1), I noticed the device was not working as expected. Or maybe it always had a bug. Anyway, it works as expected now.

v1.4 - Device is a MIDI effect only now. The device is now also available through Gumroad.

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Downloads: 496
Tags sequencer, utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 11.2.11
Max Version Used: 8.5.3
Date Added: Feb 09 2021 15:53:28
Date Last Updated: Jun 13 2023 13:15:52
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: KeyStep Pro Transport_1.4.amxd


Nothing fancy here, feedback appreciated :)

Update v1.2 available.

v1.4 available.

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