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Name/Version: Low pass gate 1.1
Author: Razzkazz  
Description: This patch is based on research and MaxMSP code by Julian Parker and Stefano D’Angelo
Paper supporting this code - A Digital Model of the Buchla Low Pass Gate

Audio samples, an MXF file, and source:

Operates as a low pass gate or a low pass filter.

2 devices are involved;

1. a MIDI device sends a ping (select destination)
2. a low pass gate receives the ping and processes the audio.(select source)

Demo -

There is a modified version of this available here


1.1 - refined VCAness response (thanks zip)

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Downloads: 990
Tags effect
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.1
Date Added: Mar 26 2018 18:43:09
Date Last Updated: Jun 03 2020 17:25:50
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: Low-Pass Gate


Great useful effect but where is that vactrol magic feeling ?
thank you anyway

Thank you again for this very good and new audio device ,The fabulous lowpass gate ..
You coul do it even better .
1-The real device has a response who vary whith the length of the trigger signal ( classic response is for a 4mS pulse ) but shorter
pulses are useful for percussion synthesis .
2-The VCAness knob can give good sounding options but the knob response should be antiLogarythmic so more precision when closer to CW full.
3- This is a very good idea to have the LPG Send Ping separately.
It would be extremely interesting to have another LPG Send Ping who could trigger The LPG from an audio track with a dedicated trigger level knob .


Hi Zip

Thanks for the feedback. Yes I understand it's not perfect, I have a real low pass gate myself so I know how they respond. If you are familiar with Max most of the code for this is written in gen, and not by me, it's someone else's research. I don't do gen programming so not sure I can adjust the response time, but I can look into it. With points 2 & 3 I agree. When I get some free time I will work on an update.

I modified the feeling of the VCAness knob by changing the Exponent value in live.dial inspector from the original value of 1.0
to a value of 0,2
this give excellent result .

OK, i'll check it out.

Love this.
Love the FM audio samples. Could you please tell me what FM you used to create these sounds? Just Operator? or which Ableton instrument?
Are the FM sounds modulated in any way pre LPG?
Would pay for this FM + LPG Ableton rack. :-)

version 1.1 available

This is a great sounding device but it uses a lot of CPU on my old MacBook. Would really be great if it could be less processor intensive.

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