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Downloaded, installed....crashed. Nothing happens, no sound passed. Thoughts?

- One of the best designed devices I've found here or on the commercial market...really nicely done.
- Glad to hear Random is coming - assume that would be a per channel random note select?
- Is there a way to send the different patterns to other devices/midi channels or did I miss how to do that?

Still one of the best sounding delays I've found here by far.

1) Does not remember delay time when saving a preset or in Live set.
2) LFO depth is too deep too fast at lower settings.
3) Tempo sync would be helpful.
4) Longer delay times would be great (if possible)
5) CPU use is a bit high

This is really excellent and very well done, useful and easy to use. Only small comment is the colors are a bit intense and vibrant. Would be nice to have a "Lite" button to reduce the color intensity. But really powerful...kudos!

This is a great sounding device but it uses a lot of CPU on my old MacBook. Would really be great if it could be less processor intensive.

Can you email me pls: drewsynth1 at aol dot com. Have an idea...

Easily one of the most useful, creative and well designed devices I've found here. Minimal learning curve, instant gratification...well done indeed!!

This is really excellent sounding, kudos indeed.

Two small comments:
1) Some of the knob names are a little washed out and hard to see. My eyesight is not the greatest.
2) The Mod Rate could be a little more granular at the low range; the jumps between speeds is somewhat drastic and at the slower settings it would be nice to have finer control

Wonderful overall and thank of the best sounding devices I've found here!

This is a wonderful sounding phaser. Two small comments:

1) It's a bit CPU heavy, anyway to reduce that?
2) Would be nice to have a "Width" control to move it from Mono to Stereo.

Nice work!

This is a great device, well designed and very useful...thank you!

I've been synthesizing, recording and using effects since 1974 and have owned many flangers from the A/DA, Electric Mistress, MXR Flanger/Doubler to a Marshall 5402 Time Modulator. I'm not exaggerating when I say this is one of the best sounding flangers I have heard in software...period. I wish there was an AU Plug in that sounded this good but I've not found one.

Not only does it sound wonderful and very analog, the design is one of the best I have seen; it's really well laid out with a great amount of control and the RIGHT controls too. So many little things like a (x7) button that increases the delay time, various LFO shapes WITH SLEW! Want to use a triangle but smooth out the sharp peaks, easy. Want to get a smooth random use the S/H and add slew etc.

I know this is long but I think this is one of the best devices I've seen on this site and it's worth every penny being charged and more. It blows away the Ableton Flanger by a mile, they should buy it and include it with LIVE it's that good. Awesome job!!

Can you please provide some idea of CPU usage for the verb...thanks!

This looks nicely designed. Curious about the CPU% required as many devices on M4L take a LOT of CPU. Thanks!

After months of use I still find this to be one of the best delays I have used. The varied Input filters and Feedback filters really allow you to get different tonalities from Echoplex to analog BBD delays that are darker.

It also does very close to Zero Crossing flanger and wonderful resonant flanger affects. I'm using a Max LFO for modulation as the internal mod gets really deep really fast.

Would love to see longer delay times up to 8 seconds or more. A great device!

Onee more comment; you might want to make the name something like BBD Analog Delay as I could not find it with search as I kept thinking "analog delay". GREAT analog flanger affects like my old A/DA Flanger!

This is a really great delay effect and indeed can sound very analog / BBD. One of the most musical delays I've encountered in LIVE / M4L. A couple of small suggestions if I may...

1) The mod depth control is very sensitive so it's a bit hard to get subtle modulation...would be nice to have more range at lower depth settings.
2) Would love to see longer delay times up to say 8-10 seconds or sync to Bars: 1/2/4 etc.

Either way I am enjoying the device and find it very musical...thanks!

This is one of the most useful delays I have found for LIVE! The really long delays are wonderful and the divisions make sense without a lot of UI nonsense. Some suggestions to make it even more useful...

1) Both Hi and Lo Cut filters
2) Time modulation - Sine/Tri/Square with Rate and Depth in Hz
3) Freeze - Capture the current audio in the delay and keep playing it back

This is close to having Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop in LIVE. Thanks for your work on this...really excellent.

Hi Will - Really linking this device a lot. Had one small request; can you set it to go slower than 1.00hz? I am doing some very slow ambient music and it would be great to have smaller values available. I find that when LIVE is set to like 30BPM and it is synced I don't get notes being triggered. Thanks for your excellent work.