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Name/Version: 8 Knob Sequencer 2.3
Author: Because789  
Description: A little sequencer to create odd midi patterns by twisting 8 knobs. It uses the Euclidean/Bjorklund algorithm to get interesting results.

(There are actually 7 knobs and 1 button, but since i map the button to a knob too...)

Just load the device in front of an instrument or a drum rack, hit play and start adjusting the pattern. If you set Duration to lowest value the notes get streched until the next note is triggered.

If you got a pattern you want to keep for later use, make sure you record it to a midi clip (note values get randomized when loading the device).

Drop me a line if you find any problems.

Credits go to
- Skinnerbox (Sting! inspired me to build this device, I learned a lot from it and copy/pasted some stuff)
- All the guys working on the bjorklund script found here: (I used the one by cudnylon)
- Luke Hall for the LCM algorithm found here:

Version history:
- set Note Range minimum to 1
- updated color scheme

- fixed: when using more then one instances of 8KnobSeq in the same set the devices would interfere with each other

- added box to adjust note range
- renamend Duration "0" to "Stretch"
- changed Loop start and Loop lengh short name
- removed "Fold" from presentation


- added "Loop lengh" functionality (when you move "Loop start" the loop end point is now automatically adjusted based on "Loop lengh")
- added some math (thanks to Luke Hall) to determine after how many bars the first step of the loop will hit the first step of the bar again (I'm not sure if it is always accurate, if you have improvments on this, feedback would be highly appreciated!)
- fixed a crash which could occur when "Loop start" was set to a higher value than "Steps"
- renamed "Loop left" to "Loop start"
- removed 32nd/32n/32nt from Pulse menu since live.step can't handle it

- new knob order
- automapindex is now set to the new order
- removed pulse pull down

- replaced [] by [zl group] for compatibility reason

- initial release

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Downloads: 4712
Tags sequencer, utility, other
Live Version Used: 9.0.2
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Apr 01 2013 08:46:00
Date Last Updated: Jul 11 2013 14:42:45
Average Rating (5) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: 8KnobSeq v2.3.amxd


Cool Device. I'm not sure if it's a Mac PC thing, but your device currently uses [] which needs to be [zl group] at least to work on a mac.


Thanks for reporting! It could be a Mac/PC thing. Or it is a Max 5/6 issue, I couldn't find a lot of information about it. Which Max version do you use?

I updated the device anyway since [zl group] works fine on Win 8/Max 6.

i like it!

Good to hear! I hope you enjoy the improved version too...

Great seq, is it possible to set velocity?

This is a fun one.

Heyyyyy, very nice!!! Im enjoying the simplicity of this little device.

Thumbs up!

any chance to ad a swing knob?

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