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Transpose MMC Version 1.0
8 Knob Sequencer Version 2.3
Automation Gate Version 1.0
Parameter Masher Version 1.3
MultiMap TS Version 1.1
Scene Transposer Version 1.0
Safe Push Performance Version 1.2
Delete Clips Version 1.0
Push Midi Clip Transposer Version 1.1
Push Color Picker Version 1.1

Total Downloads: 22,230

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No, it doesn't respect Push's scale mode. My main need was a way to quickly transpose a clip an octave up or down from Push. The possibility to transpose in semintones I just added because the main routine was already there. It still can be fun though...

@synnack: I added more controls to disable in v1.1 and it's now possible to disable Up/Down Arrow button. The behavior you're asking for you get like this:

- load device, keep all buttons enabled and press the Save button behind "Session Mode"
- disable Up/Down Arrow and click Save behind "Note Mode"

When you then switch between session and note mode you'll have what you want. Use hold Shift + Select to enable the buttons momentary if needed.

Btw: Sometimes the presets are not recalled properly when you save a set with the device in, close and open it again (it might be a m4l bug, but I have to investigate more). That's very annoying, but during a session it shouldn't be a problem. Justs make sure to check the setting on the device after you opened a set...

Thanks for the kind words! Just uploaded 1.1, now you can use it for parameters on return tracks and master track as well :)

Nice one! It didn't work for me first, but here is the solution:

Good to hear! I hope you enjoy the improved version too...

Thanks for reporting! It could be a Mac/PC thing. Or it is a Max 5/6 issue, I couldn't find a lot of information about it. Which Max version do you use?

I updated the device anyway since [zl group] works fine on Win 8/Max 6.