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Clip Loop Indicator Version 1.0
Iannix Sequencer Version 1.42

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Heyyyyy, very nice!!! Im enjoying the simplicity of this little device.

Thumbs up!

Hmmm something is wrong with your uploaded v2 - perhaps you forgot to freeze it before uploading? it cant even find the js file - it results in an empty js and of course the whole patch is not working.

Thanks for the reply Moss - will defintely check v2.

This is by far my favorite sequencer for drums - I have been trying to contant the developer to ask him about adding a feature and that would be to have the ability of more patterns and the choice to have te sequencer run in chained-patterns mode or just a single one.

So, moss, if you are reading this....pleeeeeeease, pleeeeeeeeease, pretty pleeeeeeeeease? I may even consider paying for it!

Swing would be nice too!

Here's a vid of me using it BTW - I'd like to have chained patterns (a complete sequence longer than a bar just to add slight variations to the rhythm - even 4 bars would suffice)

Device updated to version 1.42 and now works with latest version of Iannix 0.8.42


In order to delete a trigger, click with your mouse pointer on it to select it - a selected trigger has yellow color, then hit "backspace" (for windows) to delete it. I really don't know the key used in mac, I guess it must be mentioned in Iannix help files.

As far as editing-deleting-moving triggers remotely, its something that would require a lot of additional programming which frankly Im not sure if I could handle.

Some other improvements though are on the making such as "quantize" (since there is no way to "snap" drawn triggers to musical values inside Iannix) and a better handling of note duration and note offs.