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Name | Version: Iannix Sequencer 1.42
Author: softcore
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This MaxForLive device has the purpose to to be used as an interface to connect Iannix ( with Ableton Live and transform Iannix into a "Cyclic Step Sequencer" with 8 available notes - sample slots. Obviously, there are many step sequencers available for Live already, but this one focuses on the visual aspect, providing perhaps a means to the electronic musician to present in his/her gigs a visual "show" to his/her audience. Even though this device can be used with a mouse and a keyboard, it is mainly designed to be used with a midi controller.

- Sync Iannix to Live (limited BPM options due to Iannix limitations)
- Visual feedback of activated - deactivated circles
- Option of visual feedback of velocity on circles, cursors and triggers.
- Various options to customise Iannix looks (circles hidden - shown, grid color - opacity)
- Send each circle to a different midi channel or send all circles to one common midi channel

How to set up

Save the downloaded "IannixSequencer.amxd" file to your "Max Midi Effect" presets inside Live's Library.
Save the contents of downloaded "Examples" folder inside the folder "Examples" of Iannix installation folder (for ease of use, you can just drop the downloaded "Examples" folder inside Iannix installation folder and agree to merge content when asked).

More info and "how to set up" instructions inside the device

Youtube demo video:

Vimeo demo video:


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Jul 03 2011 06:58:19
Date Last Updated: Sep 12 2019 06:20:11
Downloads: 5

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License: Attribution
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the best sequencer i have come across, i have 1 problem though on the inniax sequencer i cant remove the midi trigger round buttons what am i missing. by the way im having too much fun with this device, i would love to add and delete those button via the iphone anyways thanks

In order to delete a trigger, click with your mouse pointer on it to select it - a selected trigger has yellow color, then hit "backspace" (for windows) to delete it. I really don't know the key used in mac, I guess it must be mentioned in Iannix help files.

As far as editing-deleting-moving triggers remotely, its something that would require a lot of additional programming which frankly Im not sure if I could handle.

Some other improvements though are on the making such as "quantize" (since there is no way to "snap" drawn triggers to musical values inside Iannix) and a better handling of note duration and note offs.
Device updated to version 1.42 and now works with latest version of Iannix 0.8.42

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