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Name/Version: Loop and Pitch Clip Control 1.01
Author: Prebentious  
Description: Control the loop and pitch parameters of a clip. Works with either a fixed track and scene or the currently highlighted clip. Let me know if there are any bugs.

1.01: I froze the device to include the arrow pictures.

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Downloads: 3612
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 8.1
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Date Added: Dec 30 2009 05:52:33
Date Last Updated: Jan 31 2010 20:33:53
Average Rating (3) 4
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Loop Brace4.amxd


Could you add access to Launch Mode? Thanks!

@Markemark29 I don't know how to do that. Sorry.

Thanks for that.
Yes , if someone can add "launch mode access", would be perfect!

Very good! is Super, but any bugs when click (:2) 4 time not go up (*2) for me work so. but is fine (sorry for my englesh)

Yes I notice if you divide the loop down you eventually cannot multiply back up. Maybe a bug inside patcher loopmult???

Inside p loopmult object find the multiply object and change to floating point integer, so change * 2 to * 2.

Great thing about max you can squash your own bugs quick.


Thanks! I updated the device

Great Device! Thank you very much!

Hey Prebentious, fantastic idea for a device here. I just wanted to know, I have to click the 'fixed/relative' button off and then back on again (like a refresh) each time a new clip is present in a slot.
Any ideas on how I could get around this? Maybe some kind of auto-refresh?

Thanks a lot!

It's probably something simple, but I'm not working with M4L too much right now. You might want to try poking around and seeing if you can fix it yourself. If you do, I'll gladly update the device

Hi - Your device looks dead neat and useful. A few problems which I have been having.

1. It selects the current clip when the "Current" is selected but it wont then change any of the parameters I tried altering - loop length and pitch. - These both work ok when I use the "fixed clip" option.

2. When using it in Fixed mode I tried to change the channel by midi - but there is no linear relation to the channel number - so e.g if I send a cc value of "2" it ends up on channel 5

If these things worked the device would be fantastic

Best - Soupsounds

This device is great. It's just what i needed.
I did however find a couple bugs. Maybe you're aware of this, maybe it's standard functionality. When i hit the nudge or jump buttons on your device sometimes, the patch will move my start and end markers on the track I'm looping, Sometimes it moves the end marker to right outside the loop brace and when i exit the loop the music will stop immediately. I'm always jumping around in my set and don't always have time to sit and view the waveform to watch for this. I really like this patch and want to incorporate it into my sets permanently, however this behavior could be catastrophic while playing a live. Your device should be a standard feature in live.
Keep up the great work.

Sorry if it's buggy. This was one of my first m4l devices, so it's not surprising. I seem to remember that it was pretty well-organized, so it might not be too hard if someone wants to fix it. Nowadays I pretty much only make really specialized stuff for my live performances so I doubt I'll revisit this device unless someone makes it worth my while. But if someone else improves it, I'd love to update this device.

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