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This device is great. It's just what i needed.
I did however find a couple bugs. Maybe you're aware of this, maybe it's standard functionality. When i hit the nudge or jump buttons on your device sometimes, the patch will move my start and end markers on the track I'm looping, Sometimes it moves the end marker to right outside the loop brace and when i exit the loop the music will stop immediately. I'm always jumping around in my set and don't always have time to sit and view the waveform to watch for this. I really like this patch and want to incorporate it into my sets permanently, however this behavior could be catastrophic while playing a live. Your device should be a standard feature in live.
Keep up the great work.

I didn't really understand, what this device actually did at first. I finally just watched your demo video. I have to say. I see this as being the future of Djing. My only question, is it actually that slow to react to your movement or was that due to demonstration. I see exciting promise in this and i can't wait for you to work out the bugs. This has been a dream for me since, i started Djing back in the 90's. Keep up the excellent work my friend.

This was a great Idea If it weren't for the fact that i have already relocated my stop clip buttons to the record button and re-mapped the stop clips to bass kills which show me when the kill are on or off. My main question is how do you get into the Apc and edit when and why lights come on i would love a patch that would allow me to do this and seems like you are the right path to making this dream of mine a reality. please
e-mail me @
Keep up the great work.
Best regards

This is a great device i have been searching for a way to loop like this since i bought my Apc. the closest i have come up with was to map the start and end loop inside the clip control section but could never figure a way to cut loop. this is great. I have an idea that i might be able to add to this but it's 6am in the morning and i haven't played around with this device some more to see i you have my suggestion covered already I'll play around with it some more and if it's not I'll post later.
Thank you for creating this device and keep up the great work.
Best regards from Florida U.S.
(Grant Carlisle)