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CaptureCC to Note - Edited Version 1.1
CaptureCC to Note - Edited Version 1.1
CaptureCC to Note - Edited Version 1.1

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Hi! Is it possible to modify this device so that it doesn't automatically launch the next clip slot after the previous clip finishes playing once?

I would like to have it so that it repeats the playing clip until I press the button again, allowing me to begin recording a fresh clip.


Hey there,
Is there any way on this good earth to get some feedback from the looper plug-in? I would love to have its scrolling bars on my phone, so I can be away from the computer and know my looping status...


Hey Prebentious, fantastic idea for a device here. I just wanted to know, I have to click the 'fixed/relative' button off and then back on again (like a refresh) each time a new clip is present in a slot.
Any ideas on how I could get around this? Maybe some kind of auto-refresh?

Thanks a lot!