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Name/Version: CaptureCC to Note - Edited 1.1
Author: danielgrieff  
Description: Full credit to slyfunky for the original patch. (

I edited this to fix the specified note output number not persisting when you load/reload the patch.

I -think- it's because 'parameter mode' wasn't checked.

Also, the text is now white on black, to suit my ableton theme better.

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Downloads: 197
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jun 21 2021 22:21:33
Date Last Updated: Jun 21 2021 22:22:09
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: CaptureCcToNoteEDIT.amxd



Hey. Special request. Is there any way you can make me a custom version where the note that I last saved my project with still persists, but while using the device, it changes to the currently pressed note? PRETTY PLEASE. I know it sounds wonky to the originality intended logic for the device, but I have an "AWESOME APPLICATION' FOR THIS FEATURE.

No more having to open my projects and say . Hold on guys, I have to scroll to a note on this device so it'll sound right. LOL

Thx again

jacob321 you can save the device with your configuration with another name, and save your project, and when you reload your project the configuration will persist, also if you import the saved device in another project will load with the saved configuration.

DryMova, I Understand the persistence. My special request is an option to make the note value change when the corresponding not key is actually pressed - . Example.: another checkbox on the interface in a new update for 'change note when actual note is pressed

Hey danielgrieff, can you pls make a version where 'Note' changes to the last key pressed. Much appreciated. thx.

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