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Name | Version: Ganz Graf Mod X 1.0
Author: synnack
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Someone wrote me asking for help moding Ganz Graf by user vh. (

In messing with the device I swapped out the Max interface objects for live.* ones so presets can be saved in the Live library. This is a simple patch really but great fun to create audio reactive visuals to your music.

When I get some time I'll keep modding and adding features to this one, including child devices to put on different tracks to send different data sources in to change different aspects of what gets rendered.

To use on stage:
(*) Add to your master track (or track you want to trigger it)
(*) Map menus and number boxes to controller knobs (or rack and map to macro knobs for instant mappings)
(*) connect laptop to projector and turn off "mirror displays" (on Mac)
(*) move floating video to display being projected and hit Esc


Live Version Used: 9.0.1
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Mar 17 2013 23:46:14
Date Last Updated: Mar 18 2013 09:29:30
Downloads: 31795
License: None
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Device File: Ganz Graf Mod X.amxd


nice work..
oh yeah, that was me who wrote you.. learning to edit/build is is awesome..cheers
great stuff synnack. Thank you :)
really nice! Thank you!
But just again for correctness, this was also a mod from the autechre patch Ganz Graf.
I'm am stoked to flex this. I've been using maxi-patch for years now and have felt somewhat confined to turntables. Ms. Pinky is still the best vj program I've found but this device seems to be an answer to my prayers.:)
can i export video file?
@pats no but you can edit the max patch and add in a video recorder. The simple solution is to just use screen capture software. Even default quicktime does this on OS X. Or you could use Syphon to get it into some other VJ app. Many options.
Awesomeness. Thank you.
hello thanx this is amazing..i am quite new to visuals.. i am loving it...
sorry for the stupid question.. but if i would like to have a white background ..can i do that ?

that should give you the basic idea. That version lets you mess with the background and foreground colors.
Hi Thanx for this @synnack .. great stuff

could someone please tell me what I could/should research to learn how to build things like those? I v 0 knowledge on how to build or modify Max applications.

Thanx a lot
I recommend that you start with some youtube videos. There are many out there that show you the basics of Max and Jitter. If by watching the videos you think it's something you want to still get into, I can recommend other resources too. But there's so much already on youtube I'd start there.

For example:

Thanx a lot @synnack .. will do that !
hey, first of all thanks for this awesome device! i have a question about it tho: is it possible to have the color change over time or to make it selectable via a dialog box like the distance or the x/y axis? so it can be mapped or automated making it even cooler? any response would be really appreciated! i would do that myself but unfortunately i have little to no knowledge of max unfortunately! thanks in advance!
Hi @sk8erve yes you can do that. But the community rewards it's own. Meaning, if you put some effort into learning Max it will pay off much more than this one device. If you have questions while learning we are happy to help.
hey thanks for the reply! I know that it would be helpful to get some knowledge of max, but in my time that's the first time I've encountered this programming language (don't get me wrong, I would really like to get deeper into this but at the moment I really don't have time, I need to get college work done and work on my thesis). I am also familiar with the node structure from nodebox, which has a very similar gui but uses javascript (I might be wrong on this) in its latest release. The problem with this is that i already tried to make what i wanted opening the max console and all, i tried to put the colorpicker after the button with an input from jit.slide which took input from the jit.catchi think, but it didn't work. I also tried to follow the tutorials with color scheme changing but they seem to overlay a opacity lowered layer on top of the image, instead of changing the color of the object itself. So a little hint on which command to use to change the color from red to whatever with some kind of automation or audio relation would be great! Thanks again!
look at the version i posted for Franky. It shows you examples of how you might change the color both of the background and the foreground.
will have a look on it tomorrow thanks again! :)
Is it possible to automate (for example) the on/off switch to a midi signal,
Each time a midi note plays, it switches off.
I'm having a lot of fun mapping the lfo to the other parameters!!
@32SKINS yes, you could easily extend the device and add that option for midi. You could also use clip envelopes to create rhythms of on and off of the device to the music too.
i DO love u
Hi.this look amazing, but all I get is a black screen without any video showing. I placed it on my master track as an audio effect and turned it on, but it wont display any video. I would be grateful for any kind of advice.
I love this but am having a basic technical problem. When I save the video output it seems to speed it up so the video is about 1/3 shorter than the track. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I fix it?
Hi I have a question, tried to feed the visuals via Syphoner into my VJ software, but it is not showing up as an option.
I am able to select ableton session view, and can select the plugin, but unable to select the visuals generated by ganzgraf.

I have tried other M4L visuals patches and was able to see/select the visuals to use. Please advise what bit of the code needs tweaking?
might be the coolest thing on ableton yet =).
Is there a way to load own visuals or objects into ganzgraf ?
Please help,

is there any way to get this version:

that should give you the basic idea. That version lets you mess with the background and foreground colors.

I could not find it anywhere, but very much needed in this moment.

Many thnx

Here you go @MGK.

Lucky for you I still had it in my library.
Many thnx synnack, it works great, you save me.

Quick question:

When Background is white how to get animated lines in black colour ?

I tryed with foreground but it didnt work.

Thnx again

This is seriously great, thanks so much! The Franky version is particularly awesome (though mapping the colour change would also be amazing - I'm not M4L savvy enough to program it myself!) :)

One issue though: It runs fine on my desktop (iMac) but not so on the MacBook that I want to actually use when doing shows - is there any reason this might be?

All I get is a black screen - is it a GPU issue, or am I missing something? I understand there could be a million reasons - but there's a comment from 2013 (!!) that has the same issue. Thanks for any and all feedback that might help me!

Best, and thanks again for the great work!
Hello synnack, thanks for this video tool, it can display amazing things, that's impressive and futuristic!

It's closed to be perfect:
- I think you already saw that the 'Franky" version doesn't work well when the background is put in white and when the foreground is put in black as well so we can't mix the biggest contrasts with this tool from black background + white foreground to white background + black foreground and its opposite. So close to that though!
- I don't know how if the rest of the community thinks like me but when the mouse is on the video screen, I would like to move the shape & particles without seeing my mouse, so very discreetly.

Do you think these 2 things can be added to your tool? It can be SO powerful, again, thank you for it and as you said for the capture recording we can clearly use capture recording softwares (like OBS).
I'm sure they can be. Hit the edit button and add them. :-)
Hi, Thanks for this patch. I've had fun all week playing about with it.

I modded it slightly to add a fullscreen toggle and only have the mouse change aspect when clicked as this was a bit annoying. I also added a fattyness slider to the lines and some Alpha channel lag to produce some ghosting. Mapping this to controllers and Envelope followers has been interesting to watch.

Nice one, thank you!

(Franky version is not really showing anything on the white background, and a few other colors)

Will have a look under the hood once I got a hang of Max (just checking my first tutorials)

Much appreciation!
Hello, does it possible to record screen on syphon recorder? Thanx

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