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Hello synnack, thanks for this video tool, it can display amazing things, that's impressive and futuristic!

It's closed to be perfect:
- I think you already saw that the 'Franky" version doesn't work well when the background is put in white and when the foreground is put in black as well so we can't mix the biggest contrasts with this tool from black background + white foreground to white background + black foreground and its opposite. So close to that though!
- I don't know how if the rest of the community thinks like me but when the mouse is on the video screen, I would like to move the shape & particles without seeing my mouse, so very discreetly.

Do you think these 2 things can be added to your tool? It can be SO powerful, again, thank you for it and as you said for the capture recording we can clearly use capture recording softwares (like OBS).

Hello Funkatronics, it works great thank you. And it's very close to a perfect tool honestly:
++ possibility to increase the size of the graph with a dedicated windows in 2 sizes (not available on the Isotonik product if I'm right)
+ the thickness of the lines in the graph (line width), not available on the Spectrum device from Ableton Live
+ the scale for 2 different approaches of all frequencies displayed
+ the frequency of refresh of the frequencies (smoothing)
+ the freeze function
- not the "sniper" feature of the Spectrum tool of Ableton Live, I mean when you put your mouse on the graph in the Spectrum, you see the frequency, the note and the volume of the specific point where you put your mouse in the graph. It can be less useful if the graph windows would be even bigger than the 'Big' view.
- not the "max" feature of Live's Spectrum to see maximum volume reached and staying the graph at the same time the graph is still moving on with the sound arriving on the track for analysis. This feature is great to work on peaks without having to stop the sound or freeze all the time to track peaks.

Do you think you can add these 2 features? It can be a real competitor to the Isotonik charged tool.
What means the Match button?
And just to confirm but the graph displayed the sound of a track on its post mixer moment right?

Thanks in advance for the feedback and thanks again for this great tool. :)

Hello RyanRitchie, sorry but I don't understand what means the X/Y pad.
+ the figure associated to the XY offset (186 in the screenshot of this page)
If you can explain, thanks in advance
Otherwise the 2 graphs are really great. :)