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Plug is not saving with ableton.
So after re loading the project all synced plugs have lost their values.
No response.
Complete waste of money.

Ive tried you plug in and really like what its doing.
But I have one problem.
When the Plug in is on a midi track It seems when is switched to on that its blocking all other midi messages thru my external synth ?

Cant modulate anything else than the mapped pitch wheel.
Any Idea ?


Really like the plug in (original trigger scene) Because I need it as an indicator to see wich scene is playing.
But I can't open the floating window.
Any chance this can be fixed ?

will the scrubber tool perform as good as a monome ?
Integration in ableton is much better with the SB.
But i have the feeling the Monome performance is a bit tighter ?

Checked my Max Version.
There was a new one, know it works fine.
Can i also scrub midi tracks, or audio only ?

Seems not to work with Push 2 and ableton 9.7 on MAc OSX
When holding the select button, the user button will not start flashing.
Cant enter the scrubber mode

Is there a way to load own visuals or objects into ganzgraf ?

any Idea if the device will work with Push 2 and Ableton 9.6 on Mac OS X ?
Cant get it to work.
My User Mode on Push displays nothing, if the device is loaded.