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Name/Version: OneButtonRecorder 1.0
Author: timeyam  
Description: Press the Magic Button once to arm the current track for recording. Press it again to start recording in the next free clip slot. Press it a third time to hear your Masterpiece. Further pressing will toggle between recording new clips in free slots and playing them back.  

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Downloads: 2490
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Dec 21 2009 18:22:20
Date Last Updated: Dec 22 2009 11:37:04
Average Rating (5) 4
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: OneButtonRecorder.amxd


hah. brilliant.


Very cool!


this little tool is really useful.
One thing i wish we could do with:
set the launch mode, loop or not and quantification clip for each onebuttonrecorder patch loaded by track.
Like that, i can use a onebuttonrecorder patch on one track with quantification as none and launch mode as gate with no loop on one track,
and for example loop, trigger and 1/4 quantification on another one, etc...

Great to have different "on the fly" record/play.
Any chance to see that on future update?

First of all thanks for your nice comments!

Now to your requests:
-Launch mode is currently not part of the API, so i can't implement that for now. But I see, that this would be a cool feature and I could give it a try when the API grows some day.
-Similar problem with quantification. Only the global quantification is part of the API now.
-Looping should be no problem, I will try to do this.
-I'll think about additional arm, play and record buttons.

My main goal for the next version, is to implement a track chooser, so one can use one patch for the hole live set. I'm working on some sort of visual feedback for this in Jitter, but it doesn't behave very well now.

can't wait for the next version, this is sweet already, but the track chooser is all I need on top of this

Great, but I hope that choosing the launch mode before record a clip, should be more easy in Live 9...or that there will be possible to do this in a M4L-patch. Looking forward to the next update!


I love the idea, but unfortunately this device just isn't working for me. It won't arm the track, and if I arm it myself, it'll only trigger record and then playback on a single clipslot in the device's track.

Did things break with the 5.1.2 update, or am I missing something?


Just what I've wanted since I started using live. nice work

this is such a fantastic device... i cant thank u enough...

i just have on problem with it:
I need to launch the button with a drumpad from my spd-s... unfortunately it doesnt send a note off message... in other words, it is not momentary...

this means i do have to hit the pad twice to make it work as it should... is there any way to to configure that thing, to make it work as i need it, or do i need to implement a miditranslator???

thx 4 your help

Hey nice Device? waited for that!

To make it momentary, you need to place a textbox with a "p turnitoff" message beside the red button in the OneButtonRecorder.amxd document in Max.
Just connect the live.button output to the textbox and then again the textbox output to the live.button input.

Look here:

I would appreciate a mode that toggles between different tracks (record on track 1, play, record on track 2, play?)


Hi Timeyam,

You can add the function to disarm when the clip starts to play,

I tried but lost the quantization clip,
Can you help me?

Hi there, thanks for the brilliant device.
I desperately need a MIDI looper (exactly like looper but with midi).
This device works perfectly. But I have a PROBLEM: I need to automate it so it records certain parts of the piece.
I can put the button on (live-button) but, as soon as the automation is past, the track turns dark brown, the 'back to arrangement' button turns red, the device won't follow automations any more.
I'm pretty sure I'm doing a simple thing very wrong...can anyone help me?

Brilliant...Can?t understand how I could ever perform without it..

best regards

Audun K.

Many many thanks ! I will study that patch as it gets very close to something similar i needed...

Wonderful !

Please, I don't understand how to use it..?

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