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Ok, I finally got it. To make this work in any metre:

Replace the "phasor~ @frequency 1 0 0 @lock 1" with "phasor~ 1n @lock 1"...
Now it DOES work....

happy bitpunching...


Uupss...worked for a while, but suddenly started reacting weird to tempo- and meterchanges again...after completely removing "....@lock" also it worked somehow, but now....hmmm..
I tried ;-))


Hi, to my mentioned problem with other meters than four:
I found the solution: simply remove the last "1" from the "phasor~ @frequency 1 0 0 @lock 1" so it reads "phasor~ @frequency 1 0 0 @lock"...
Now the repeat-buttons (and pitch) will correspond correctly to all meters or rather quarternotes...except the bottom one -reading one - it is still 4 beats....but who gives a shit ;-))



Hi, and thanks a lot for sharing this little wonder....with 35 keyboard keys always free, this is smart as f...
Incredible how Live improves with devices like these!!

best regards

Audun K.

Maybe I should mention that I have placed it after Lives own looper-device...


Hi, and thanks for a neat device, already in serious use!!
Would it be possible to make it respond correctly to other meters than 4/4? I frequently use 5 and 3, and the note-values are totally out of it then...

best regards and thanks again

Audun K.

Hoooo, should have read the other posts better; like dildano (that nick must have cost you!) says: decay and what not...