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Real-time MIDI Quantize Version 2.2
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Thanks @mubali for the edit! I've just uploaded a small update that fixes the undo history problem without removing the activity indicators. Apologies that it took so long.

If anyone is interested, I also write a custom edit that maintains note length instead of quantizing note-off as well as note-on. I'd be willing to add that as an option in the next version if there's interest.

@Soarer Busy days, but I'll do my best to have a look and post an update soon.

I love the idea, but unfortunately this device just isn't working for me. It won't arm the track, and if I arm it myself, it'll only trigger record and then playback on a single clipslot in the device's track.

Did things break with the 5.1.2 update, or am I missing something?

Sorry for the radio silence, been cranking on other work and haven't had a chance to revisit this.

I agree that an option for enabling / disabling note-off quantization would be nice, and that'll be coming soon. I'll need to do some more research to figure out if / how tapping into the groove quantization system can be accomplished, but I agree that it'd be a good feature.

Likely not going to have a chance to get to this for another week or so, but I promise not to let it slip through the cracks.