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Name | Version: Plugin Device Lister 1.5
Author: Rivanni
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This device lists the plugins, Max for Live, and native devices used in each track, rack, and chain within a Live set.

Sub-racks are included, but they are not yet displayed hierarchically.

You can also choose to save the results to a file.

Tested in Live 11 and 12 but probably also works in older versions of Live.

* Added options to also list Max for Live and native devices. Hence, the device is renamed to Device Lister.
* The type of device (instrument/effect) is now also included.

* The created list now starts with the name of the Live set and the location of the saved .als file.

* The Device lister device itself is excluded from the generated list.

* Now lists all devices in all (return) chains, no matter how deeply nested the racks and devices are.
* The indentation now correctly represents the nesting level of racks and devices.
* When a device has a custom preset name, the original Live device name is mentioned between square brackets.
* An option was added to use only bullets at the start of each line. When this option is turned off, descriptions like Track, Rack, Chain, Device, etc., are added at the start.
* Added an option to in/exclude the type of a device after the device name.
* All tracks and racks are listed, even if they don’t contain selected device types. Turning all device types off gives you an overview of the set’s structure.

I had to rewrite most of the device to realize the first two bullet points. As a side-effect, it lists all tracks and chains, regardless of the selected device type. Some may like this, others may not. I’ll try to make this optional.

To generate the list, you now need to click on two buttons (because of Max quirks). This is a small compromise for the result you get. However, I hope to get this back in one click.


Live Version Used: 11.3.25
Max Version Used: 8.5.8
Date Added: May 10 2024 20:06:25
Date Last Updated: Jun 01 2024 16:21:53
Downloads: 202
License: Attribution
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Device File: Device Lister [rvn].amxd


Very useful!
I hope this works to simplify my project notes. I think it will. Perfect!
This seems better for me than the plugin list export device.
It may not be game changer, but it's clearly a mental health saver when trying to fix issues in a complex Live set.
Thanks a lot !

Juste a little feature request : it could be amazing to be able to distinguish VST2 and VST3
Great little tool. To make it "perfect" I think we need this to list Max for Live devices and Live native devices as well. Thanks anyway!
Distinguishing between VST2 and VST3 is not possible in Max. There is a Max device (PlugView) that shows the difference. It reads the .als file using Javascript and Node. This is beyond my knowledge. I don't use the .als file, but look for what's inside the open Live set.

Adding native and Max devices is possible, though.
@Rivanni Nice. Looking forward to an update. Thanks!
Max device listing as an addition would make this worth a little $ from me.
Thank you for the update! Great tool.
Thanks for keeping on improving your device. One very minor wish: if it's possible to exclude the Plugin Device Lister itself from the list, it would be nice if you could implement that.
Saddly offline 😪
Will u reupload?
I can download it, even when I'm not logged in to my account.
And I can see many others have downloaded it in the past week.
So I'm not sure what's going wrong.
You may want to try again later or use a different browser.

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