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About groovmekanik: Robert Koster is a mixed media artist with a focus on music technology. His broad skill set stems from over a decade of music industry experience including music production, performance, event management and mastering as well as experimentation with digital media, graphic design, film production, visual art performance, programming and electronics.

Robert’s pursuit to constantly redefine the experience of music and art has seen him work collaboratively with countless artists in a professional capacity as well as provide mentorships and tutoring across Australia. Robert completed a Diploma of Music Industry at SAE Institute Adelaide in 2013 and has been a lecturer specializing in Electronic Music Production since 2016.

Robert is currently exploring spatial sound and interactive AV technology incorporating elements of metaphysics, psychology, spiritual healing, psychoacoustics, sound design, visual art and graphical programming languages. His artistic output can be described as detailed, thought-provoking and captivating.

GMaudio encapsulates Roberts exploration into Max including synthesizers, audio effects and educational tools. Fixation Studios is where Robert creates software & education packages used to teach Music, Ableton Live and Audio Engineering fundamentals to his students in Adelaide, SA.
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Devices by groovmekanik

FS - Generative Sequencer Version 1.0
GMaudio Dvolve Drumatix Version 1.1
GMaudio Dynamic EQ Version 1.1
GMaudio WaveFolder Version 2.0
GMaudio FMFX Version 1.1
GMaudio Dynamic EQ Version 1.2
GMaudio Chordz Version 1.0
GMaudio Note Probability Version 1.0
GMaudio TransD Version 1.0
GMaudio Noizyer Version 1.0
GMaudio Universe Version 1.0
GMaudio Transport Mute Version 1.0
GMaudio Fusion Version 1.0
Toms Peak - GMaudio Version 1.1
GMaudio Phase Rotator Version 1.1
GMaudio Dynamic EQ Version 1.3
GMaudio DC Tools Version 1.0
GMaudio Clipper Version 2.0
GMaudio Clipper Version 1.0
GMaudio MIDI Variations Version 1.0
GMaudio Ducker Version 1.5
GMaudio PentaComp Version 1.0
GMaudio Ducker Version 1.0
GMaudio Ducker Version 1.3
GMaudio VSEQ Version 1.0
FS - Generative Sequencer Version 2.0
FS - Egg Timer Version 1.0
GMaudio LMRS Version 1.0
GMaudio TransD Version 2.0
GMaudio HiFreqLimiter Version 1.0
GMaudio Squeeze Version 1.0
GMaudio Clipper Version 2.2
Old Timer Version 1.0
GMaudio Clipper Version 2.4

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New 'Limiter' in the Options menu!

Glad your enjoying it. Your Welcome! :D

My pleasure AYA :D Glad your enjoying it

1.5 is out peeps :D

Thanks wetterberg! Great to hear :D

Pentacomp V1 uses similar filters to Lives MBdynamics, It cant be used in parallel but V2, which is coming, will be able to be used in parallel. The filters used in V1 are standard crossover filters and work great, 24dB isnt too steep either so the phase shift wont colour the sound too much, its probably negligible for most users or may colour the sound favourably.

Thats correct bud. It was part of a class and I left it so that the students could add step length and a couple other features after completing the course, so they had some home work and could practice more max patching. Id like to possibly turn this into a community project and extend the features indefinitely. Basically for a subscription fee you would get monthly updated courses on patching sequencers in max with the highest voted features by the community being discussed, implemented and taught. Please comment here people if that sounds like something you’d like to take part in :)

Please shoot me an email by replying to your receipt mpc2000xl and we can sort it out if you haven’t already. I’m not quite sure what you mean.

it's since been updated and recompiled for use on Apple ARM processors. Still free too :)

Cheers Jumbomonkey. This one is getting an update soon too. thanks for purchasing :)

Hey jumbomonkey :)
Thank you for your kind words.
This device has been designed to make the best compromise when it comes to aliasing, it has a filter on the input which can be enabled to reduce supersonic signals reaching the clipping algorithm, which has a knee of around 4dB which helps reduce aliasing over hard clipping, which is also oversampled at 8x. The result is very minimal aliasing unless your clipping things to the extreme.

In the next update I hope to have my own resampling filters which will mean better oversampling with linear phase filters and even less aliasing.

Hope that help :)

Thanks Magps13. Multiband is often requested but the whole point of sidechaining in this way means that multiband ducking is redundant. If theres still signal remaining then this could destructively interfere with the kick and smear its transient. I’ll be completely overhauling my dynamic eq over the next couple months, that will be the goto tool for doing such things, then you could do things like mid/side ducking as well if you like, you can still do this currently with my dynamic eq but It’ll be fundamentally more precise with the new update.

The new absolute envelope mode shows how the two signals mix and is as useful as I could make it. The problem is that ducker may not always be the last device in the chain (further processing or groups) and the combined waveform could be different depending on the users workflow. A scope on the bus or group where the kick and bass is summed is the best option otherwise and this cant be implemented into Ducker for obvious reasons.

I’m really doing my best to keep this as simple and effective as possible and am very aware of feature creep, more is not always better. Just like good mixing, careful planning and a few precise movements yeild a better result.

Always happy to hear feedback though and appreciate the comments. Happy music making :)

Im sorry cool but Duck Buddy is not sample accurate with its triggering, it is a few samples late. Its effectively pretty close but not sample accurate nor is its envelope designed with sample precision. If you need MIDI triggering then Duck Buddy is for you but if you want an easier to use, more accurate, regularly updated and well supported device to do the job, then GMaudio Ducker is the best option, over 500 users agree.

Here's a walkthrough using the new features...

Big thanks to all the awesome users out there :)

basically just encode, apply some effects then decode, sandwhiching effects between two instances. you can get really tricky with racks and apply all sorts of fx to either mid or side or just wack an instance before a delay/reverb and enjoy something different. Enjoy

updated with a new version, slightly more predictable behaviour.

Here are 2 emails I've received in the last 12 hours after sending out the update;

*Hi! Can I just say that this is probably my most used plug in after EQ Eight. Absolutely love how quick and easy and effective it is. Been using it since 1.1 version and the 1.2 version was much better. Can't wait to download 1.3!* - Luke

*Can't wait to try it out. I had a huge workflow improvement since i started using ducker. This device is "shut up and take my money" level of goodness* - Alfredo

Thanks again AYA :)

absolutely @audiojet !! The envelope is tuned to be as fast as possible while minimising distortion of low frequency signals which are the most prone to pops and clicks, this means you can use it on anything and never have to worry about it creating any audile distortion.

I personally use it on any type of synth I want out of the way of my kick.

There's nothing stopping you from using it more creatively for precise gating type effects or subtly to inject some rhythm too... Music is about exploration so go nuts!

🙏 Thank you AYA. Glad your diggin it 😊

Hey Loydifos209 you are completely correct.

I was trying to get more at the process of using a clipper and how the device can be used to clean up a mix rather than add saturation... and your right the resampling filters in max are very limited and do attenuate some top end, starting at 12khz and reaching -2db at 18kz, but this is very tolerable. Personally I'd much rather some attenuation in the top end than aliasing (which one would you consider more transparent?).

I have slightly adjusted the description and the next update will address a bug that some Windows users are having and hopefully implement different resampling filters that start to attenuate much closer to nyquist.


V1.3 is here!!

Update everyone! >>

UPDATE! Fixed a rounding issue with the number read out at the bottom. Enjoy

I'm curious mary888 if your sending it a signal that is higher than 0dBFS and if it pops just before it stops working... ?

V1.2 is currently out. V1.3 on its way!

Thx Mary888. I have an update coming for this that should fix that. Will be more precise and will have a side-chain option. I'll send an email out when its ready :D

Cheers Venj!

lol that question mark was suppose to be a sparkly heart - I cant type without using emojis these days haha

Thx peeps :D Very much appreciated 💖

Cheers @Syn - Will have an update for this early next year that will hopefully extend it even more :D

Here are some examples :)

Explanation & Examples >>

actually it may have just been that it freaked out a lil coz I added it after the clock was already running

nice one bruv :) just needs some initial values on startup to get things working a bit smoother, had to move all the parameters to get some notes happening...

woops! wrong link... try this one;

woopsie, wrong link :/
try this one:

Here are some examples of how you can use this and my Note probability device to create complex generative sequences;


Here are some examples of how you can use this and my Chordz device for some complex generative sequences;

Here are some examples of different ways you can use this device;

Here are some examples using this device and my FMFX device :)

Ah awesome, thanks mate! :D

You don’t have any Scale MIDI effects on the same track do you? Are you changing the parameter using MIDI, Push or Automation or simply clicking it? The only bugs Ive found is other max for live devices occasionally effecting the note output due to timing errors but that makes the output nil as opposed to outputting incorrect chords. Do the other chords work? Feel free to email/messsage me so I can get some more info and fix it if there is an issue @cloudchord :)

@cloudchord I haven’t seen that before. I do have an update coming soon for added push functionality but the patching is pretty much the same... what version of max are you running?

Hey Crampe :D
Yeah it's only 1 band this one, but you can always add more of them... the cpu hit is really low unlike some third party plugins. I am working on a multi-band compressor-dynamic eq but it's a long way off yet.

Yes indeedy, Dynamic EQ's are awesome! Thanks heaps for tyring out my device! Let me know if you have any issues :)

@KalanSorion... you sir, are a legend!
Thank you for your support brother.
Let me know if you have any issues :)

KalanSorion... you sir, are a legend!
Thank you for your support brother.
Let me know if you have any issues :)

I love your website :D Did you design it yourself?

Follow me and check out all my devices here >>

Follow me and check out all my devices here >>

fantastic. Good on you for writing up such a detailed article on scale mapping, you'll have saved me some time and effort. love ya work.

Hey Audiojet. Not yet my friend, I will do a video on dynamic eq on my youtube channel soon. Did you have a specific question at all?