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Name | Version: GMaudio WaveFolder 2.0
Author: groovmekanik
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: GMaudio WaveFolder is a wave shaping audio effect synonymous with East-Coast Modular Synthesis. With very few parameters you can drastically change your sound, add it before or after filters to add more harmonics or completely mangle your signal.

New in Version 2!

- Simplified controls
- All processing occurs at 2x Oversampling
- Parameter output has been smoothed for pristine modulation
- Normalization applied so wave shaping takes place immediately
- Soft clip algorithm to prevent clipping

No more messing about with sliders, with normalization and the new 'Symmetry' parameter you get the same result, faster and ready to modulate.

Simplified controls means you can simply add the device and increase the amount of wave shaping using the 'Folds' parameter and adjust the tone using the 'Symmetry' parameter.

I've also added an adjustable output gain so that the volume after the normalization process doesn't blast your face off, this can also be reset using the 'Normalize' button.

Ableton's Info view displays annotations and tips for all parameters.

This device is now heavily influenced by the Intellijel uFold eurorack module. Simple, effective and ready to mangle!

* This device is $1 on my Gumroad

(Tip: Use a Max LFO on the Symmetry parameter for a psuedo PWM effect)

Coupled with GMaudio FMFX you can create an 'East Coast' Complex Oscillator from any signal. No more boring sine/saw/square!

Happy music making!


Live Version Used: 10.0.6
Max Version Used: 8.0.4
Date Added: Apr 11 2019 07:26:59
Date Last Updated: Apr 11 2019 07:28:27
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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Here are some examples using this device and my FMFX device :)
woopsie, wrong link :/
try this one:

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