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Name | Version: GMaudio LMRS 1.0
Author: groovmekanik
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This device was made to experiment with mid/side processing beyond what is possible with Live's Utility Device and is to be presented at the Adelaide Ableton Live User Group July 17th 2022 by Robert Koster.

Here are some notes from my presentation;

- For a signal to be ‘stereo’ there has to be some difference between L&R
- If something is 100% stereo then L&R are exact opposites (this is bad)
- Mid/Side attempts to separate mono/stereo but it’s really just sum/difference
- Mid/Side processing is not perfect…
- Under the hood it’s actually just some basic math;
L+R = Mid, L-R = Side
M+S = Left*2 and M-S = Right*2
- Making adjustments to either M or S will affect both L & R in some way

- So what if we forget about it being perfect/ideal and just experiment?
… we could stumble upon something truly unique and unexplored…

GMaudio LMRS is a Mid/Side Encoder/Decoder that can be used in potentially infinite configurations. Add M/S functionality to Delays/Reverbs or modulate M/S signals and decode them back into LR for unique stereo effects. The limit of exploration is unknown so go bananas! just be sure to check mono compatibility afterwards...

Peoples, feel free to comment with your favourite ways of using this device and share the love!


Live Version Used: 11.1.5
Max Version Used: 8.3
Date Added: Jul 16 2022 08:28:47
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 249
License: None
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Device File: GMaudio LMRS 1.0.amxd


basically just encode, apply some effects then decode, sandwhiching effects between two instances. you can get really tricky with racks and apply all sorts of fx to either mid or side or just wack an instance before a delay/reverb and enjoy something different. Enjoy
Loving it so far. Good Job!

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