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WaveResampler Version 1.0
Patchable Quad Slope Generator - Updated Version 1.1
LFO Inverter Version 1.0
Probability-Based MIDI Router Version 2.0
Drum Rack Probability Controller Version 1.0

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Mecanigue22 -- interesting idea! I think right now the triggering from one envelope to the other is a little too "loose" (new cycle is triggered when line reaches .9 instead of .99 to avoid issues with vector size) for it to quantize properly, especially with fast envelopes. A long term goal is to re-work this device once I take a class on gen~, which would allow for exact triggering as well as the envelopes to get up to audio rate like the original Serge!

sleepycycle -- total no brainer, I forgot to pass the audio through! Just uploaded the corrected version, but if you want to fix it in yours you just add a plugin~ and plugout~ object and connect the outputs of the first to the inputs of the second!