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Name | Version: WaveResampler 1.0
Author: lorena
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This effect samples from a running 15-second buffer, with a number of resampling options which can turn any source into a wall of sound, producing unexpected resonant tones over time. In its first mode it can also be used as an odd-sounding looping delay. The basic premise is inspired by Alvin Lucier.

Playing with the Wet/Dry, especially using a percussive or plucky source produces good results. To my ear, the dense resampling resembles granular synthesis or a very dirty reverb.

I've included an extremely long pre-delay option with ambient performance in mind.


1. Recording (no feedback)
-This mode creates disjointed echos which reach back in time as far as 15 seconds.

2. Recording plus feedback
-This is the same as mode 1, but the output is fed back into the input. Individual transients quickly dissolve into a wall of sound.

3. Freeze
-All recording stops, allowing the wave~ players to jump around a static 15 second buffer.

4. Resampling only
-This mode blocks off incoming audio while it continues to feed back. Over the course of a few minutes, resonant tones begin to emerge, turning even a percussive sample into a modulating drone with prominent overtones.


Live Version Used: 10.15.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jul 31 2020 04:09:00
Date Last Updated: Aug 20 2020 18:46:37
Downloads: 1712
License: None
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Device File: WaveResampler.amxd


this sounds fantastic; good work!
Amazing device :))
Thanks a lot
Thank's! Pre-delay is magic!
Really great!
thank you su much. i really really love this

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