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Name | Version: Drum Rack Probability Controller 1.0
Author: lorena
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Controls the chance that a MIDI note will trigger one of 16 drum pads in your Drum Rack.

The note in your MIDI clip should be set to trigger the bottom left drum pad (C1, for example). The initial "Prob" slider determines how likely the note is to reach that first pad. If it is rejected, it will then consider the 15 other pads based on the % probability that you set.

The sliders are laid out exactly like the Drum Rack module: left->right, bottom->top (pad # is visible in Info View). The bottom left slider is missing because that's where the MIDI will go if the initial "Prob" slider is @ 100%.


Live Version Used: 10.15.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Aug 04 2020 17:03:48
Date Last Updated: Aug 23 2020 21:07:07
Downloads: 945
License: None
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Device File: RackProb.amxd


A smart useful M4L device.
Excellent, thanks for this one! Saves a lot of time instead of setting up velocity range, and using velocity random.

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