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Devices by ldmdevices

Round Robin Rack Version 1.0
Afterburner Version 1.0
Autosputter Version 1.1
LP S7epper Version 1.6
LP Hangpad Version 1.0
LP Polyboing Version 1.1
Wibble Version 1.0
Algo Version 1.1
mLPr Version 1.3
Hepta Delay Version 1.0
LP Nexus Version 1.1
muLtiPro Version 1.0
Manglerack Version 1.6
MIDI Hack Version 1.0
Drumfoldr Version 1.3
Mangle FX Version 1.52
MIDI Hack Pro Version 1.5
ModTrigger Version 1.0
Rack Mapper Version 1.0
Isotonik LP Pack Version 1.0
Chance 10 Version 1.2
Round Robify Version 1.0
O-BLEK Version 1.0
Pipa Version 1.0
XenBeat Version 1.2
Chords In Key 2 Version 2.0
Noizebox Version 1.0
Gator Version 1.0
reVel Version 1.0
LDM DJ-Filter Version 1.0
Swing Master Version 1.0
Tremulant Version 1.0
Chance Pack 4 Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 62

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Hi thanks.
TBH I just can't seem to find any motivation for the live 12 generators and such. Some others have made some devices I can appreciate on the technical side but I don't really see the point in most of it and would I ever use them? Don't really like to be tied to the piano roll also. Pretty sure there's one there for chopping a note into pieces already.
The Cluster device in this pack kind of started off inspired by the drillz, but went in a slightly different direction. My Preroll device I released not long back is probably closer to drillz but a lot more flexible

Yeah it's a tremolo, as clearly explained.

Updated to 1.1 - Only a color change, I didn't like the previous color

Hi, sorry. I sent out the wrong one. I just updated it. I guess you get an email about the update, or you can access it again on gumroad

You mean you want to block any other midi information coming through? Send me an email at and I can do it easily

Hi, can you be more specific? I'm using live 11.2.11 with a 1080 display and it looks fine for me.

Should be next couple of days hopefully!

Thanks for commenting! Glad to hear when others find my odd little devices useful as I do

Hi, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately that is an audio buffering issue by the sound of it, this is just a midi sequencer, so it can't be coming from my device. You likely need to look at the instruments and effects you are using and try to find a way to reduce CPU load

Hi, that sounds odd. I'm also using win10 and I've not had that happen. I can only do anything if I can reproduce the issue...

good stuff

Presets should be working fine now. I completely switched out the preset system

Hi, thanks for getting in touch.

I'm sorry to hear there are issues. Are you getting a click with many different samples? I haven't heard of any issues like this. It's been a while since I looked at this device.

As for the filter, does the device look the same as the picture here? If it is then you click the filter button at the bottom for the options to become active. If there is any image not showing it means i'm an idiot and i forgot to freeze the device for the latest update!

You shouldn't be hearing the same issue because I already solved that with the last update in April. It was an issue with the sample being stretched and repitched, but I cleared it up

I'm also trying to make a new video for version 1.4, but having issues with my video editing software just now. Check the video above for the basic idea

I'm actually an English teacher lol
You may have a point, but really? so snarky?

after spending ages trying unsuccessfully to even figure my way around this patch again and get the save function to work, I have decided to rebuild the entire thing from scratch. and likely add a bunch of new features while i'm at it. this may take some time.....

oh sorry the reset button was supposed to only clear the leds. I kind of needed this during making the patch, I guess that wasn't clear and now it's not so useful unless it happens to somehow glitch out and leds remain where they shouldn't be

hi, I'm having a look now to see if I can make it save the states of the pages. Unfortunately the right column will not be used for anything as I need this when I use the s7epper with other devices together using my Nexus device the right buttons switch between each device (s7epper, polyboing, etc.)

I now have a pro version with a bunch of extra features and more control

maybe i should add the ability to change the period of the bypass loop...

update just got sent out by email. sorry about that! :)

oh crap. sorry guys, sometimes max is naughty and doesn't freexe the device properly. let me update...

I have no idea what smart folders is. It works by file path and allows access within a single folder. It cannot find folders within folders, only what is directly there in that folder

What's the problem egorsvoy? I can't imagine it just wouldn't work for someone

it's a good question, and I don't think so. I can't say for sure but I will try to find out a way if it is possible

ok so there is still a little issue. The menu won't always display the correct filename when you reload a saved set, but the correct sample should still be saved. I'm trying to fix that at the moment

That's very strange, the transpose works fine here

thanks for the heads up Martin! Yeah my stupid arse forgot to freeze. You should have received an email with the updated file. Sorry!

You should have received an email with the update 1.1, you can now have multiple instances, and there have been a bunch of improvements, and something like double the amount of play modes

So I did notice that the dry/wet slider reverts to an initial position on reloading a Live set, but any automation will immediately kick in as expected. It wasn't going to dry as a default, it shouldn't do that. Also I haven't been able to find any issues with tempo changes on my side, seems fine. If you could send a more detailed email to and then I can try to recreate the bug. But here it works no issues

i'll have a play around with it this weekend. It's been a while since I played with this one, maybe it needs an update too!

ahh ok, i hadn't thought about that. I'll sort it out for you no problem. I should be rolling out an update this weekend, and now it has over 30 different play modes and separate random mode per section. :)

are you sure? it works fine here, just as the video. when you select it, it will change after the next play of that section. so the first play after you click will be whatever you selected already and then it will change.
if it really is the case, send me an email at and i'll get it sorted quick a small demo here

at the moment the answer is no unfortunately. I don't have one, and I can't find any information about how max would communicate with the device. If either of those things change I will definitely update it for the Pro

it wouldn't work. this will only communicate with the launchpad. if i had a push i would figure it out, but i can't afford that lol

Updated with requested function!

Now I'm thinking though it may be useful to only have particular rates in each menu, like one button for n , one for nt, one for nd . That way changing the rate should double or half as you turn the knob....

hmm the file is still getting downloads. On my site you need to click the link which will go through to the file on it's here

I'm sure it could be done, i'll have a look later...

Big update to 1.6. Rearranged a lot of stuff and added features. Page scrolling added, and other stuff

Thanks, I guess really I would need to save up some money and buy a Pro so I can really figure it out.....
BTW I just updated this device, and uploaded the mIDI range devices used to target different instruments like in the video.

ah thanks for letting me know. Still I will try and figure it out and update my patches to work with both. Would it just be the Pro that has issues, or other models also?

Any joy?

Hi, honestly I would love to know! I only have the LP mini and nobody told me yet. I guess it will be the same but with different colours

There is now a video on my site, or here - I also updated to v1.5 - fixing the issues with LEDs

I now uploaded a Readme to my website, but I will try and make a video in the next few days to clarify. I'm just finishing up another patch just now..

Hi thanks for the comment

I was intending to make a video to demonstrate the use, but i didn't have a chance just yet!

I'm a little confused, the sequence runs left to right, right? The original 7up one went top to bottom which for me was not logical.

The green bar at the top of the grid is used to change the length of the sequence.
Scrolling is a nice idea! If I get time to come back to this patch I will look into that option.

Gridlock is the best device I've used for the Launchpad. The monome emulation is superb. Updated regularly and the response on the forum is quick and helpful