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Chiastic Solo1
By zsteinkamp
Chiastic Solo lets you control which track or chain in a gro...
By unkdevices
HEATkick is my take on kick synths.

It comes with an ...
Simplify Envelope More - Automation Simplifier1.0
By acrabeth
Simplify Envelope More - Automation Simplifier
42 0
MiniMeters Launcher1.0
By unkdevices
A simple device made for open MiniMeters at the time you lau...
Midi Bang v1.2 - midi note trigger1.2
By francois
Midi Bang v1.2 (Upraded version of Midi Bang v1.1)

139 2
Chord Monitor for Push Display1.0
By ollyg
This device is based on ai.chord-monitor by anthonyivol
121 0
By Gross9978
PushSliders gives the Push2/3 8 Velocity sensitive faders th...
138 1
Talk Back Button1.0
By bassdaddy
Simply throw this device on your mic channel and every time ...
57 0
visual xyt1.2
By wwronka
Ok, there it is - my first M4L device!

It is a stereo...
421 0