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N-SEQ.live 1.0 by NoraPatches
0 Comments sequencer, effect, utility
N-SEQ.live is a sequencer Max 4 Live MIDI effect with a UI design that encourages the user to map a MIDI controller or another modulation source and use the sequencer live. Alternatively one can map M... (more info)

Dreadbox Nymphes Editor 1.0 by midierror
1 Comments utility
This is a Max4Live editor for the Nymphes, which enables you to program every element of the synth and store automated changes. Every parameter is catered for, without having to dive between menus! I... (more info)

riff 4 by spiralune
68 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Riff 4 update patch from Riff 1.3 by walmik https://maxforlive.com/library/device/6146/riff ----------------------------------------- and it can open in a window over live work on live 11 (... (more info)

SnapShooter - Universal Variations control 2.0 by Crampe
0 Comments utility, push
L11 introduced Rack's Variations. It's an awesome feature, but Ableton didn't make it user-friendly, rendering it almost unusable. SnapShooter, a maxforlive device, is solving this by giving you key... (more info)

14-bit MIDI4Push 0.1 by Sten
59 downloads, 2 Comments utility, hardware, beta, push
Inspired by CC map8. With 14-bit MIDI4Push you can send 14-bit MIDI Control Change messages that can be mapped to the 8 encoders of your Push controller to control external hardware. 14-bit CC messag... (more info)

87 downloads, 4 Comments utility
New V6 optimisation can open More Patcher in a Project new v5 COMPATIBLE MAC WITHOUT ERROR MESSAGE ON LOAD just Put left to ableton Scale on all track Patcher GLOBAL TONIC OCTAVE SCA... (more info)

Audioreactive LFO 1.0 by Supertramp162
135 downloads, 0 Comments lfo, utility, other, beta
I've had a few people ask me about sending this one out, so i thought i'd just post it here if anyone wants to use it. I'm currently in the middle of updating it to react to audio in different ways, a... (more info)

zs Toggle Input Enable 1.0 by zsteinkamp
0 Comments utility
This one button device has one purpose in life: To toggle "Input Enabled" for the currently selected track. If you record a MIDI or Audio clip, then want to go back and record automation in that trac... (more info)

AnyMapper 1.0 by sonusdept
1 Comments utility
Part of Neuraloot bundle, a series of devices build around a custom neural network that generates a complex and evolving waveform. Utility module that lets you use any audio input as modulator signal ... (more info)

NeuraloscillatorM 1.0 by sonusdept
0 Comments synth, utility
Part of Neuraloot bundle, a series of devices build around a custom neural network that generates a complex and evolving waveform. This module outputs the signal of the neural oscillator directly to a... (more info)

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