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VST Macro Controls 1.0 by killihu
3 Comments utility
VST Macro Controls allow you to control VST plugin parameters in a more advanced way than Live’s Effects Rack device. Unlike the Effects Rack which displays parameter values in a range from 0 to 12... (more info)

EASY Display 1.0 by orangeandmilk
3 Comments effect, utility, dj
Transport, tempo & timing display. With optional big display in a second pop-up window. FREE ! (more info)

Trig Condition 1.0 by borisdivjak
61 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, utility
Lets your MIDI notes pass throughevery few repetitions of the clip, similar to Elektron’s A:B trig conditions. 'Every n-th' sets how many times the clip plays before the trig condition is true. '... (more info)

Piano Pedal Zh 1.0 by DarlingLee
13 downloads, 0 Comments utility
(more info)

Piano Pedal En 1.0 by DarlingLee
20 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Three pedal control tools for piano:Soft(#67), Sostenuto(#66), Sustain(#64). (It depends on whether the piano instrument plug-in supports relevant functions) (more info)

UAD Neve 1073 Wrapper 1.0 by UdoRBrauna
0 Comments effect, utility
With this m4l device you will be able to use the Universal Audio Neve 1073 Preamp & Eq plugin like an Ableton native one. This includes mouse clicking, midi mapping, automating, visuals, etc. Nativ... (more info)

0 Comments effect, utility, other
FUZZ-A-ME is a free max4live designed and built by Aval. It’s a distortion device that can range from subtle to exaggerated. There are 6 types of “Color”, virtual analog circuits that alter th... (more info)

Ask and Answer - MIDI Sequencer 1.0 by nandoscheffer
1 Comments sequencer, effect, utility, other, dj
A different way to generate melodies for your basses and synthesizers in general. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4KzeaMIQ8s&ab_channel=NandoScheffer Midi Sequencer / Step Sequencer MAIN FEATURES ... (more info)

-ASK- Meta Macro 8x 1.0 by Askondo
2 Comments utility
Meta Macro basically looks like an Ableton device rack and resembles its macro control, with a floating view and many convenient functions for Live performance and customization. Map most parameters ... (more info)

Signaturr Synth 1.0 by nandoscheffer
0 Comments synth, utility, other, dj
With this synthesizer you have the possibility to create wavetables as you wish. Just drag the mouse and start drawing. It will instantly process your waveform and reproduce the sound it represents. G... (more info)

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