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Deepmind controller 1.3 by tibi
27 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware
Put this little device on any midi track, to transform your deepmind into powerfull midi controller. Remember, to set your deepmind USB or MIDI settings into NRPN mode, instead of default CC. There i... (more info)

Transport Widget MCV 2.3 by Pip
19 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, hardware
Transport Widget - Midi Control Version After the success of Transport Widget V1 I was approached by a forum member to build this variation of the transport widget. Although very specific in functi... (more info)

Microtone Toolkit 1.0 by codenote
1 Comments utility, other
Microtone Toolkit is a set of M4L workaround kit that will enable ANY synthesizer to be played polyphonically in Microtonal tuning. It comes with 5 different user interfaces for approaching microtonal... (more info)

Endorphin sketchpad 1.0 by echapus
92 downloads, 0 Comments utility
This device includes 7 floating windows related to keys, chords and scales. It also includes 3 sticky notes that will save with your project. (more info)

M4L Tools v1 1.0 by IMPULSOUND
1 Comments effect, utility, other
Here are 5 tools you cant live without: 1. Haze Delay Simply a must have. 2. BPM Sync Very helpful and safes a lot of time. 3. MICRO Rider The perfect volume rider for mastering or Mixing, pro`s kn... (more info)

Voca FM MIDI 1.0.2 by mindlesstrx
55 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, push
Control and automate your Volca FM from Ableton. PLUS, modulate Volca velocity with keyboard velocity for the ultimate in FM expressiveness. (more info)

Random Pads 1.0 by DimitriAatos
123 downloads, 1 Comments utility
A MIDI effect for setting probabilities to samples loaded on a Drum Rack, the notes associated with samples are detected automatically via Live's API (more info)

Automatic Quantization Changer 1.0 by NickHydeViolin
0 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware, dj
The Automatic Quantization Changer does one simple thing and does it really well: Automatically changes Ableton quantization settings (both recording and global) based on which track is selected. The ... (more info)

Dial to MIDI CC 1.0 by NickHydeViolin
0 Comments synth, lfo, effect, utility, other
Nick Hyde's Dial to MIDI CC device is very straightforward. Simply specify a MIDI CC channel, and turn a dial to generate MIDI CC data. MIDI CC data is part of the MIDI languate that allows synths t... (more info)

Oscilloscope 1.0 by mousecat
189 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other
A simple oscilloscope to visualize the waveforms of incoming signals. (more info)

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