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By JoHaynes
Simple device that uses your text input to drive a sequencer...
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Karplus strong1.0
By axersfall
A Free to download "resonator-like" audio effect plugin....
By AkihikoMatsumoto
Ableton LFMW:
Polyverse Wider Wrapper1.0
By jikay
My favorite thing about Max For Live is devices that speed u...
Weirderizer One Mangler Effect1.0
By offthesky
this is a mangler. a multi type effect. an unfinished wip (t...
187 1
Randomizer x81.0
By offthesky
this is a randomizer with 8 mappers. you can randomize with ...
112 0
Parameter Random Sequence Generator1.0
By offthesky
this esoteric device generates a random pattern, that is the...
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Grossifier Distortion1.0
By offthesky
a nasty ring mod distortion style effect

i recommend ...
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RAVE simple1.0
By voun10
A simple device with some control, to use RAVE's AI models ...