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Backing Tracks 1.0 by UdoRBrauna
418 downloads, 3 Comments utility
Use arrangement view in Live to prepare your gig (backing tracks, instruments, etc). Using arrangement view to trigger your tracks is more comfortable, because you can have tempo changes in every song... (more info)

GFLSetPauseContinue 1.0 by gfl
103 downloads, 3 Comments utility
Pause and continue a whole set. You can use midi or keys to control it. Recordings will stop too!!!!! (more info)

fgc.DJTransport 1.0 by furiousgreencloud
334 downloads, 0 Comments utility, dj
A number of useful, DJ Midi Mappable Utils, - jump back/forward 4/6 beats - play/pause toggle - Show Playing Clip of current Track, in Detail View - Toggle Looping of Clip in current track (more info)

EkoReta 1.0 by kham03
440 downloads, 2 Comments effect
EkoReta is a midi delay generator whose duration is not fixed but depends on the duration of the played note. voice = polyphony Assignable parameters : Pause = space between each repetition. Dur% = p... (more info)

Transport Widget 1.0 by Pip
365 downloads, 7 Comments utility
This little widget allows you to map midi notes to some basic transport functions, such as: • Stop (Pause) • Continue • Play • Jump to a locator I am using Ableton 9 and I couldn’t find an... (more info)

Transport Control 1.0 by DSS
0 Comments utility
Transport Control adds two floating toolbars to Live’s interface, giving you quick access to core playback features. Also brings new features to Live including Pause, FF/RW, and Loop point punch. A... (more info)

Ceremonie de Frequences 1.0 by floszk
1 Comments synth, effect, utility, other
CEREMONIE DE FREQUENCES is a device dedicated to generated frequencies in function of the audio level of any input signal (noise, hits, voice, jacks bzzz) : sounds in function of the energy that enter... (more info)

Mappable resume playback 1.0 by nottaj
163 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Simple button to pause/resume playback, so you can bind it to a key instead of hitting shift + space. Made it for myself, figured I'd save someone the trouble. Set it, fold it and forget it. (more info)

Volume Buddy 1.0 by Technoir
16 Comments utility
Volume Buddy is a one of a kind LUFS auto gain plugin that will change the way you mix and create music. Demo Video: FEATURES: - Th... (more info)

Loudness Meter 1.0.0 by Funkatronics
3242 downloads, 14 Comments utility
Loudness Meter is a tool for measuring the perceived loudness of your audio according to the ITU-R BS.1770 program loudness and true-peak audio level algorithm. It includes both short-term and integra... (more info)

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