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Username: tomme
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Member since: May 04 2013
About tomme: Italian electroacoustic composer and performer.
Drums + live electronics
Program in Max and maxforlive
Ableton Live
Circuit Bending
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Devices by tomme

Buff - rhythmic buffer scrubber Version 1.0
Stutter Version 1.0
Dedelay - delay with detune Version 1.0
GoBack - oneknob reverser Version 2
Friz - Rhythmic Freeze Version 1.0
MIDI velocity to note length Version 1.2
Automation . Knob automator-randomizer Version 1.0
Note Chance Version 2.0
fmperc2 - FM glitch percussion instrument Version 1.0
Stretch Version 1.0
noteknob - knob to midi note Version 1.0
looppa - loop and freeze for Launchpad and Push Version 2.0
psyn - pattern synthesis sequencer Version 2.0
stepknob - step by step parameter control Version 1.0
blip - blip sound generator Version 1.0
notehold - live pattern record and play Version 1.0
pause - tape stop Version 1.0
cycle - MIDI note cycler Version 1.0
polyrhythm to chord generator - polyr Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 14

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Write me in pvt.
You can find my email on my website.

This feature is actually already included but for the moment is only visible on push controllers (and on automation in track). At this point I will make it available to everyone in the next edit. If you want, write me an email and I'll send it to you in beta test.


Write me an email


Thanks drumbliss,
the answer to your first question is that this device uses the live transport to get in sync so when you use it you need to play the transport.

the solo button is actually linked to dry/wet but in next version i think i'll break this link.

Gumroad Paypal is unavailable until monday. You can pay directly via paypal following this link:

my account is but i try to allow it via gumroad

thank you!
Hope you'll also enjoy the sound...

Good idea. I'll work on it.