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Name | Version: y-Karp 4.0
Author: redhexagonal
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Introducing y-Karp , a Max for Live Karplus Strong synthesis device. Synthesis starts with an impulse derived from a short sample which is dropped on the device (tip: kicks or noise work well). This is fed into a delay line (positive or negative feedback) which has a low pass filter for damping and a nonlinear all pass filter for a kind of phase distortion.

There is a post delay line multimode filter envelope and gain envelope, and the delay line is cleared and restarted the a new note is triggered, unless you are in mono mode, which can make some interesting effects as you change pitch.

There are various settings for detuning, stereo width, a basic LFO and key/velocity amounts for some parameters. This device is a bit chaotic and mysterious, and can go to some quite strange places. I've done my best to tune the device accurately (the all pass can do strange things to pitch), but it will drift at extreme settings, both up and down, sometimes at the same time! If you keep the all pass key amount to below 70% it should stay in tune most of the time.

You can also tune the synth to any scale in the online scala archive by typing or copying in the name of a scale on the "scope" page (leave off the .scl extension). You can open the archive by pressing the "scala" button.


All sounds are from the y-Karp , through a glue compressor , no other effects.

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Live Version Used: 11.3.13
Max Version Used: 8.5.7
Date Added: Jan 14 2024 23:53:39
Date Last Updated: Jan 15 2024 00:39:48
Downloads: 0
License: None
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Absolute great device. Lots to discover. Thank you :)

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