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Name | Version: Launchpad 185 Sequencer 1.5.9
Author: xanadu
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: 2011 december 17: new version 1.5.9. with better layout on the Launchpad.

This sequencer is modelled after the Roland 185 Sequencer. It has 16 stages which can last for 1 to 8 steps. It can be used with a Novation Launchpad or just using a mouse. A 2 octave keyboard can be used too.

The Launchpad 185 Sequencer is a work in progress. Your remarks help me to develop it further.

Version 156 has a more intuitive layout on the Launchpad. Now you have more control on what information is displayed on the matrix buttons.

Choosing a Launchpad or <not connected> now allows for more than one LP 185 Seq to be active at once, but it does stress the system.

The sequencer's settings are now saved with the song.

Some help is included, though it's not a full manual yet.


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Nov 16 2011 11:12:17
Date Last Updated: Dec 17 2011 06:40:27
Downloads: 3234
License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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really great sequencer but doesnt reset back to begining (1) when live is started & ends up out of sync. Also changing the sequencer notes or velocity seems to do nothing at all.
Thanks for the report. Start time and sequencing has been worked over in the new version. It will start quantized correctly. It will keep track of the steps using Live's transport as a master timer.

The sequencer will not take care of changing the meter while playing. It doesn't respond to jumping on the timeline while playing it just goes on counting the beats and looping when it has played all it's steps.

Velocity works, but the synth or the sampler must respond to it. Some presets dont't use velocity or aplly it to open or close a filter.
not getting any midi output?
The sequencer uses Live's transport so Live must be running. If Live and the sequencer are both running there should be a running light in the sequencer window.

Else please describe your system.

Because of guys like you Launchpad is worth every single buck!!!
This device reaches completion.

I promise will take care of saving / restoring the device with the Live set and an instructing manual.

Your user ratings are welcome now.
Still doesn't work for me, it now doesn't sequence only number 16 is triggering, its showing sequence 5 in this track(16) I'm not sure why this is.. Pitch still doesn't change at all.
Hello Rosko,

Sorry to hear the Launchpad 185 seq is not working well on your system. I suppose it's is a timing problem, but I can't reproduce your issues on my Windows XP system. What system are you on?


I'm using Live 8.2.6 latest version of M4L on win 7 64 the plugin version is 123. In your previous versions have dynamically changed the track numbers as you edit the sequencer but this one track 16 is changing but is incorrect. it doesn't run through any of the other sequences accept the last one(16) because of this.
Hi Rosko,

I think you really want to use my little sequencer, but helas without much luck. I'm still trying to figure out what is exactly your problem and what is causing it.

1. Are you using only 1 copy of Launchpad 185 sequencer in your Live song? At this time more than one copy is not tested and probably won't work.

2. When you mention 'tracks' do you mean the Ableton Live tracks or the 16 'stages' in the sequencer?

3. I think order of the initiatlization on your system be hust a little different than on my computer, resulting in uninitialized stages. I have uploaded a new version 132. This one has a better initialization worked out. Does this help for you?

4. Please upload your Ableton Line .ALS song file to . Then I can try te recreate the problem at my own system.



Sorry I meant stages rather than tracks. The initialization has worked brilliantly, thank you for fixing that, i do like this sequencer allot. The only thing i can't figure out is how to alter pitch with the mouse if this is possible, moving the pitch notes on the piano roll doesn't alter the pitch the only way i can do it is through my keyboard sequentially? I can still use it like this though.
Hello Rosko,

Thanks for your explanation. I think I've got the bug now. Changing the pitch with the mouse *only* worked when the Launchpad was displaying the pitch. Since you are not using a Launchpad, your internal pitch setting was not opdated. In version 134 this is fixed.

By the way, this sequencer was made for use with a Launchpad, so it would be more fun if you could get one.

Hello Rosko,

Thanks for your explanation. I think I've got the bug now. Changing the pitch with the mouse *only* worked when the Launchpad was displaying the pitch. Since you are not using a Launchpad, your internal pitch setting was not opdated. In version 134 this is fixed.

By the way, this sequencer was made for use with a Launchpad, so it would be more fun if you could get one.

it works :-)

I do plan to get a launchpad but i need to buy a few other things first.
Could you give a quick listing of what:

refer too? They seem to affect the trigger of the notes over the period of time a given stage is active. But I'm looking for the actual term represented by the abbreviations used as I could not find a direct correlation on the pics I found of the Roland 185.

It's found in the help file you can open with the 'Help...' button in the Live window of the sequencer.

These are the effects:
0- Nothing happens
1- One note is played using it's own duration
A- On each step a note is played using it's own duration
D- A note is played during the whole stage
L- Legato mode. Previous stages with a D or L effect will wait to send their note-off MIDI signals until a stage with another effect than L is played. In the L stage a new note is played during the whole stage. This should be used in combination with a mono-synth.
S- A note is played on each step according to the 'Duty cycle' setting.
3- There are 3 notes played, dividing the stage in 3 equal parts
-- Nothinh happens.Anyone with a suggestion?

This is the fucking tits, thankyou. Are you working on any updates?
Well I'm quite pleased with the current version. In december i crossgraded to Max 6 with Gen and an iPad. Then I found that the Lemur has come to the iPad. This really gives me a lot to discover!

But this Launchpad 185 Sequencer and my Launchpad Drum Sequencer really are my love babies.

If someone comes up with good ideas for effects I certainly try to implement them. Perhaps it would be nice to have more patterns that could be swithced by pushing a button.



one quick little comment about the switching between bars. i would have the right and left arrows reversed, so when you were on the first page the right arrow was lit up and so you knew that was a button you could press to go to the right, and when you pressed that one, the left arrow lights up.
Both Novation products Launchpad and Nocturn work in the way you are suggesting. On the Nocturn I find this couter-intuitive: I want to see where I am, not where I can go. But on the Nocturn you can have more than 2 pages, leaving not much choice.

On my Korg nanoKey and Akai LPK25 keyboard a led lights up left for lower keys and right for higher keys. I like that.

So both methods are used on modern Midi devices. I think I can make this choice into a setup option in the next update.

I have my iPad for nearly two month. I bought the full featured Lemur app by Liine. It's incredible. I'm creating this 185 type of sequencer now for the Lemur. I think the touchscreen is a better fit for this sequencer.

Really liking this device... had spent the day frankensteining 16 macro knobs to set my launchpad to work the other 185 sequencer here, but managed to find this one here.. One small question/favor... There are a few parameters that cannot be macroed or midi controlled on the device that would help me not have to use my mouse to do a few things. Also the fact that you have to continually click open sequencer anytime you click off from it is a bit of a pain. The parameters that I would like accessible for mapping are the scale parameters (root note & scale type), and the Step Length sync dropdown menu where you can select 16n, etc. I do realize you could just automate the knob at the bottom, but it would be more accurate if you could just have those options be mappable as well. I'm really enjoying the device, and just want to limit my needing to touch my mouse during a performance. Thanks for your time!
Nothing happens when I'm pressing buttons on my Launchpad. The lights are working but no button input coming through. Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance for your help. Looks like a dandy wee tool!! :)


Ableton 9.0.1
Max 6.1
here's also nothing happening when i press keys on the LP... it shows blinking from the sequencer... but is not changing anything on the sequencer

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