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Doepfer A-190-2 Max Interface Version 1.0
JX3P Organix Mod Patch Editor and Storage Version 2.0
Doepfer A-190-2 trip LFO Version 1.0
JX3P OrganixMod Max editor lite Version 2.0
A-190-2 Clock Reset Version 1.0
Aftertouch Vibrato Version 1.0
Realtime Granulator Version 1.0
s2400PatternControl.amxd Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 5,395

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what version of max? Neonbreath?
seemed to work on all my machines
anyone else have this problem?

Thank you for the kind words please modify as you like and send me a link after so i can try yours out

this video might help too

i added a link up above to a video about how to use the first parts explained in v.1
the lfos are pretty simple to figure out by playing with.
to set cc#
1 turn off LFOs
2 press learn on the hardware unit
3 set the cc# you want to send to the 190-2
4 turn the knob that reflects the controller you want assign (v/v dial or crt dail)

my bad it works fine great work my man! (had 2 pushes set up in the midi settings, oops)

strange it worked fine the first time i tried it. but now it wont initialize the push. wonder whats up

this is great thank you!

question can you use max6 runtime and max4live? to get this to work without buying max 6?

not getting any midi output?