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Name | Version: Stranger Grains - A Granular Diffusion Effect 1.3
Author: offthesky
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: this is a fairly basic granular/reverb style audio effect device great for ambience and drones. no need to add samples, just place this anywhere in your audio chain and hit the chaos button. bask in the grains.

v1.1 - added a new type of autochaos system that doesn't endlessly litter the undo history. had to swap out the dials to make it work (sorry, that will hose any automations you might have made w the previous version)
v1.2-fixed randomizing occurring when device is first loaded.
v1.3-added optional onoff's for randomizing per dial. added reverb on output

note: this is a remix of a device called "strange grains" released in 2022 by remo de vico. i added:
randomize (with smooth)
auto randomizer
adding/froze the virtual sound macros external files (sorry they are not apple silicon compatible)

original m4l device created by remo de vico can be found here:


Live Version Used: 11.2
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: May 04 2023 20:04:00
Date Last Updated: Jun 24 2024 19:14:56
Downloads: 1221
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: Stranger Grains [ots rmx] 1.3.amxd


Looks great, but it's not compatible with Apple Silicon.
Would you know how to do it ?
that sucks. it looks like the logic externals used within this (virtual sound macros) are not compatible yet w a.s.
thanks for updating this!
Why is this device without any audio running into it by default emits huge bass in the 25 hz?
Will it work for M1 already ?

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