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thanks for updating this!

does what it should . thankxz

ah yes - the info is helpful - thanks!

very nice device - would love to read some documentation in addition to whats on your site.. its fun to play around for sure but i have no idea what some of the parameters are doing ;)

great stuf!

this looks great - thanks

great work - thanks!

unique! thanks

wow . thanks!

great work - one of the best, most streamlined granular devices ive seen! thanks

nice hard and wacky

hi - looks great but i cant get to the page on your site that lets me buy it


looks great - wish there was a version that just needed M4L and not max

great stuff - thanks!

blue crystals feel good!

looks cool - thanks

nice idea - thanks!

great device! i would also love to have a version for midi clips. thanks!

great work. simple + effective.

if you do another version it would be great to have an option to sync with clock / beats.

great work!

wow - looks great - looking forward to trying this out! thanks

nice idea - and very cool interface too - thanks

great idea for a device.. thanks!

great work - thanks!

these are great - thanks for sharing them.. im using them for a touring project - triggering things with drumpads.

every now and then some midi feedback loop starts somewhere and it can crash Live. let me know if i can help in any way to get an update happening. wishniak at gmail com

buttt... . ;) i cant get it to connect to my blofeld. have tried it as you describe in the video + text file (via usb+midi cable) any other tips for configuring?



can never have too many distortions. thanks

great - have been looking for something like this - thanks for your work

wow - looks great - thanks!

thanks for your work - we need more combs!

thanks! great idea!

great - thanks!!

great idea - time to dig out the pocketdial

which preset (dip switch) setting did you use on the pocketdial?


great idea - i built one of these modules and was hoping someone would do a M4L patch of it!! thanks!

thanks - look forward to checking it out - so many of these out there - hope this one sounds the best!

ooooh nice

nice - thanks - eurorack goes m4l

nice work!

nice idea - looking forward to playing with it

getting alot of use out of this one - one thing i noticed is the dry ist quite "true bypass." chained it up and its fine, but wanted to let you know. thanks again.

demo sounds great - no more lugging around guitar pedals! thanks

would love to be able to do clip automation - works fine in arrangement view, but not in clips.

works great - thanks!

sounds good - cant use live though (audio input)

thanks. works fine here. osx.. chomping up my CPU though.

great work. . a simplified version of the henke machine . thanks

great idea

love sev. cant wait to check this one out. thanks



nice work sir

yeah; looks great ; )


any clues on what the scene launch buttons do? i can see the bottom 4 affect tempo/subdivision..


thanks for your work. this is much crashier with my launcpad than your normal monomod patch though!

thanks for your work. this is much crashier with my launcpad than your normal monomod patch though!

thanks for this and the others!

thanks for this and the others!

any effect involving nancarrow is worth checking out! thanks.

any effect involving nancarrow is worth checking out! thanks.

thanks - i was working on one like this - i think you did it alot better!:+

@ stzlm - i dont want to upload this as my own device since prodavid did all the work, but here is a re-compiled version if anyone out there wants it, where you can rename the macros:

nice - v.2 sounds like it could be alot more interesting..

hmm - no luck with the micro modular, in case anyone else is wondering..

great idea

great idea!

any chance this will work with a micro modular?