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Name | Version: plaits 1.0
Author: steech
Device Type: Instrument
Description: "...PLAITS v1.0..." by steech

Original code by Émilie Gillet
Max Object by Volker Böhm
FOR MAC & WIN (now with M1)

This uses Windows (untested) objects by:

Please refer to the manual of the original Mutable Instruments Rings module for further explanations:


Live Version Used: 11.2.11
Max Version Used: 8.5.3
Date Added: Mar 31 2023 16:27:36
Date Last Updated: Mar 31 2023 18:13:51
Downloads: 764
License: None
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Device File: plaits.amxd


Is this the amxd file from the Rings release? :)
@halfman73 hahaha whoops, just uploaded the right amxd, thanks for letting me know :)
Thanks. This is pretty cool :)
Plaits is great.Thanks!
very nice! though when I switch to 2 operator FM mode I get a massive volume spike and crashes ableton :I
This is indeed very nice! Unfortunately I also get a massive volume spike and crash in Ableton Live 11 when I switch to 2 operator FM.
@dede @Krbcrawler ahh I was able to recreate this bug, i will take another look
@steech, I hope it can be solved. Really awesome device! :-D
Hi ! been waiting for this for so long, amazing, thank you so much.
The bug since to be related to polyphony, as it doesn't seem to occur in 1 voice mode.
Noticed that the issue is also appearing on the "bassdrum" model sometimes.

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