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Grids 4 Push Version 1.0

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This is really cool. Is it possible to add more scales please? Or to make it tie to Live12's Scale Awareness?

This is lovely! Thank you

Personally I'd love push mapping on all devices, but I get that it's not useful to everyone.

That's pretty much it. Just add a bank object, map the items you want to show on the Push and then adjust the text to show whatever you like. So straightforward even I managed it :)

Wonderful device. Added a version of this to the library with Push mapping. Hope you don't mind :)

I like this. Any plans to bring in scale control or any randomise buttons to future versions?

Would definitely be interested in your version of the no.pinball

This is great. Thank you!

Thanks. This is pretty cool :)

Is this the amxd file from the Rings release? :)

I love this!

Hey. Any plans to add Launchpad X support to this one?

I bought this yesterday too, and like digix it doesn't seem to be running right - Live 11 Win 10. I'll drop an email to test the beta please

This is great! Agree about the scale device tip :)

Content missing from the Gumroad page after purchase, so unable to download and try this at the moment :)

Love this. Simple and fun to experiment with

Only content shown in gumroad is "Frantic Noise "Rocketship" free bandcamp codes".

Where is the device?

Got it now. Thanks aylesim and also thanks cool for the other suggestions :)

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong here, but when I try to get this from Gumroad I can get to the page to "view content", but when I select that, the next page does not have the download option? First time I've noticed that.

Am I doing something wrong here? :D

This is cool!

Hi Jack, Sounds interesting. Do you have a youtube video showing the device in action? :)

This is pretty cool!

This is great! Thanks!

Love this!

Thanks for the quick greyed out fix! :)