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Name/Version: Grids 4 Push 1.0
Author: halfman73  
Description: A simple update of the wonderful Grids for Max device to include Push mapping.

Original device shown below: -

Tested on Push 2 & Windows only.

License : released under GPL 3.0

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Downloads: 369
Tags drum, sequencer, utility, other, push
Live Version Used: 11.3.11
Max Version Used: 8.5.6
Date Added: Nov 30 2023 09:40:02
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Grids 4 Push.amxd


thanks for doing this!

if this version is just some mappings/properties added to the knobs (i have no idea how it works), happy to integrate it in the main device if it helps.

Personally I'd love push mapping on all devices, but I get that it's not useful to everyone.

That's pretty much it. Just add a bank object, map the items you want to show on the Push and then adjust the text to show whatever you like. So straightforward even I managed it :)

I?ve been trying to get around to this myself, I just used macros in an instrument rack to get some basic support myself! Excited to take a peak inside and see how you did it; I am a M4L toddler and am eternally grateful for people smarter than me

Thank you for adding Push support. I guess making this work on Push 3 standalone is a different topic?

Hello @halfman73

I hope you wont mind, i updated my device to support Push as well. thanks a bunch for doing the initial work on it :) I took the liberty to change the banks a little bit (Grids, Euclidiean, Notes, Outputs).

@Thoow: Push 3 standalone does not support custom externals at the moment, so it's not possible. that might change, who knows :)

Thanks a ton @halfman73 !! it made me jam a lot
i use it on a drum rack and play Santoor for jam mixed with an arp from Jupiter , so much fun

and superb device ,
Just one lil issue , when I close the set after saving it and reopen it I see all lights lighting up and drums loaded but no sound output ,
till I remove and reinsert Grids.

I couldn't understand why it would happen ??

If I use voct.grid M4L , this doesn't happen ,
but I like your knob assignments for midi mapping more :)

On mac os , Ableton 11 , m4l - 8.6.0,

Any suggestions !?

Mine keeps saying "Grids 4 Push.amxd contains externals that are not
compatible with Apple Silicon. Consider running
Live under Rosetta." - On a M1 Mac with ableton 11.2.7 Does anyone know of a fix?

Is there any way to make it record the patterns into midi clips?

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