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Nostro Monotron Version 1.0
Kenton Modular Note to Midi CC Mapper Version 1.1
Grids for Max for Live Version 1.3

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my trial licence of visual studio expired. so i cannot re-build it. anymore :/ shame.

if someone wants to give it a shout, feel free ! the code is on github.

i could check the code again, but if i am not wrong it continously morph between a few points on each axis. if recall correctly 4 or 5.

hi just tried. and it worked for me. i have live 9.2.2 and max7.

not sure what it could be


hi Brilliant, not sure what you mean, but i think what you mean, is changing midi note and on/off with on button press.
i suppose that does not belong in grids and should rather be done in another max4live device.

Hi minikin !

this is fixed now. thanks for the report


about your questions :
to make a "s" and "r" local to a patcher, just prefix the name with "---" like so r ---Velocity
about opening in presentation mode, right click the background of your patch, select "patch inspector" and then activate "open in presentation". (how intuitive !)



updated the device. note this is a work in progress for the moment. euclidian mode is not extactly working as it should just yet. and there are some bugs here and there.

comments/help welcome !