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Name/Version: Hocket 2 1.0
Author: ricoL  
Description: Hocket II takes the MIDI note messages on a track and splits them up into single-note events which are routed to up to eight other channels. Additional Hocket devices on those channels pick up the notes and play them. This allows for one piece of melodic content to be split up among multiple instruments, achieving a Hocketing effect.

An evolution of the original Hocket device, Hocket II includes several new modes, bug fixes, performance enhancements, and an updated UI.

- Note Repeat Mode

- Analog Shift Register Mode

- New Voice Assignment direction Pendulum

- Master channel Select

- MIDI note kill switch

- Improved resistance to missing note-off messages

Hocketing is a technique that divides one melody among two or more voices. In Europe, hocketing was used primarily in vocal music of the 13th and early 14th centuries. Hocketing also appears in many folk music traditions (Indonesian Gamelan, Ukranian Pan-pipe ensembles, and the extremely rad vocal music of Central African Foragers). Notable uses of Hocketing in modern music can be found from Meredith Monk or The Dirty Projectors. The MONO/POLY produced by Korg in 1981 is a  paraphonic synthesizer capable of producing hocketing effects, and the original inspiration for this device.

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.0.12
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Feb 21 2022 02:42:56
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None


Amazing, thank you for updating/upgrading the device!!!

Fantastico update!:) thank you big time!
now its time for copy machine update !?:)

This is GREAT!

Had to get this one. Interesting device it is!

Voice one always gets triggered if I play on another channel that has Voice 2, 3, 4 of Hocket device. It is not terrible, in fact I like it sometimes. But might be a bug.

There seems to be an issue with the timing in this one. I did a simple test with two tracks. One with a sequencer going directly to a synth and another where the sequencer output goes to a Hocket instance with one channel only - and then to a receiver and synth on a second track.

After 750ms, the track with Hocket was already 18ms behind. Then it suddenly overcompensate and is actually a millisecond early for a little while before at all starts again - giving it a weird kind of swing.

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