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Name | Version: DEVIATE 1.8
Author: iandicke
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Get inspired with this FREE device that creates endless variations on your MIDI clips or live MIDI input. With a few simple controls, you can humanize performances, create new material from your existing clips, and organically build a track’s momentum. Features a pattern soft lock with a 128 step memory buffer for more predictable deviations. In addition, you can map up to 4 parameters in your Live Set for further modulation.

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Live Version Used: 12.0.0
Max Version Used: 8.6.1
Date Added: Apr 21 2021 06:10:49
Date Last Updated: Mar 12 2024 16:53:36
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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thanks Ian!!!
very useful - thanks you
YESSSS! Thank you for adding the rise/fall/etc. envelope to RATCHETS in DEVIATE 1.1, this makes it a lot more expressive and interesting-sounding.
@iandicke This is so much fun to play with the rise/fall. It really makes the RATCHETS that more nuanced. I'm mindful of not cluttering the UI *too* much ;) but what do you think of a way to set the maximum velocity of ratchets relative to the original note?

So for example, if a note is velocity = 127, the loudest ratchet could be set to be only be 50% or 25% as loud, with everything scaled accordingly from there.

This would make it easier to have "grace notes" and other "ornaments" that surround the original note, but are more subtle.
@Torley - Sorry for my late reply, I forgot to visit this site! I will certainly take your idea into consideration. Thanks again for the ratchet envelope suggestion!
Super simple, yet very useful. Just one basic example: you have a clip with a bass line that is pretty dense, this device can make it more sparse over time during the track, or add little rhythmical variations that will make the bass line much more interesting. Very useful musically.
@iandicke playing with this a lot and great idea and device but one thing I feel it is not right, when assigning a modulation to a cutoff for example I feel that modulation has a bit lag versus the triggering notes and sounds not perfect (a bit off). Do you think you can make it more responsive?

thank you :)

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