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...or to Mapul8tor by lqud

This looks identical to Function device by RSL:

Super simple, yet very useful. Just one basic example: you have a clip with a bass line that is pretty dense, this device can make it more sparse over time during the track, or add little rhythmical variations that will make the bass line much more interesting. Very useful musically.

An amazing sequencer, very inspiriting, possibilities are endless with it. So well though out, this is seriously one of the most creative M4L MIDI devices that I found.

This is an amazing MIDI device. You can feed it with any MIDI, e.g. a very simple chord progression from a clip, and it will add rhymical variation to it. You can send the output to different tracks, e.g. two lowest notes to a bass synth, while all higher notes go to a pad that may have a different rhythmical pattern. It can be used in so many creative ways, it blows my mind.