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Name/Version: Freesound4live 2.0
Author: aylesim  
Description: Browse, search, listen and download sounds from without leaving Ableton Live.

Video demonstration :

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Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.4
Date Added: Jul 22 2020 17:16:36
Date Last Updated: Aug 02 2020 19:38:19
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Very nice but there is a 403 error on the link provided, do you have an alternative download link?



Great idea.
When I "click here" nothing happens.
I already have a Freesound account.


It should open your favorite web browser in another window

Thanks for the quick response.
It doesn't open a browser.

But when I type anything into the registration box, the GUI opens, and I can click on the "love me" then the donate button, then web browser opens.

I've contacted, maybe they can issue an authorization code.

Thank you Ian! Please make sure that Live and Max have access to the internet. In a few hours i?ll be adding an internet status indicator!


Now it wont open the gui until you provide a valid code.

Also, if nothing shows up when you click on "click here" it's because Max and Ableton can't access to the internet.

Hmmm where does downloaded files end up?

cant wait to check it out. thanks!

I'm encountering a number of issues.

1. I need to reauthorize every time I open the device.

2. If I open the device on a large project the device won't accept the authorization code

3. The download button isnt downloading sounds

Works fine for me except-

It does not remember the Freesound authorization code.

Some sounds will not download (maybe a Freesound issue?) I can duplicate this if you wish.

Maybe the downloaded sounds could go in a separate folder instead of the Freesound4Live folder.

I hit your PayPal box, this is a nice bit of work!

Hi Friend. I paid for your device on Gumroad because it's a great idea, but unfortunately nothing works. The "Click here" button to authorise Freesound does not work. I also tried generating a login key to paste it manually into the text box, but the field does not accept any input whatsoever.

I don't mind paying for small projects like this, but it sucks that nobody is replying to all the comments reporting issues. At this stage I would like a refund, please advise...

Came here because of this article:

I would buy it, but after reading the comments, I think I'll wait. Hope the issues are resolved soon so I can buy it!

Can't get this to work. I just downloaded today. Running Live 10.1 on Mac. As others have said, "CLICK HERE" doesn't do anything. It talks about authorizing with a code. Idk where this code is supposed to be. It wasn't included with the download. I'm logged into and see nothing in my profile about authorizing an app.

I'm not a genius, but I have a hunch it isn't working due to throttling his Application to 2,000 requests a day.

I hit your PayPal on July 25; now I have to pay again? Tell me it isn't so...

That's a pity. Seems I'll have to wait a bit longer for those issues to be resolved before paying for it.

Hi there. The first time I launched the device I got into free sound. Now on subsequent sessions the Same log in fails every time. It?s a great idea for a device but I may need a refund if it doesn?t work. Please PM me and let me know what?s going on.

Bought it and had to reinstall computer a week later :(
Could I get a re-download link?

????? Hi everybody, it work just fine!

Please make sure both Ableton and Max have full access to the internet.

Place the original folder somewhere in your computer and add this folder to the Live sidebar, then drag the instrument in Live from there.

If you have any issue pm me on ?

Just bought and installed. When I type anything into the devices search bar, nothing happens. I registered everything without any problem. Ableton has access to internet, unless its a hidden feature somewhere??

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