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Very nice but there is a 403 error on the link provided, do you have an alternative download link?

Hey! Thanks so much for this device it's a wonderful idea!

One thing I'm noticing is that as I change the speed dial the sample keeps changing? Is there a way where if I change the speed dial it doesn't do this?

Please let me know, look forward to hearing back from you.


Just wanted to firstly say thank you for this device, bought it last night and I can already tell it’s going to be really important for me.

One minor thing i’m noticing is it I can’t import samples from my current project? I.e. if I freeze and flatten any track I can’t add the flattened audio into the device but it seems to work perfectly with any sample in my sample packs dragged from Ableton’s library. I’ve done a bit of a googling and have found out that Ableton freezes tracks at 32 bit and this can’t be changed which might be the issue.

Is there any work around to this? Please let me know as this would be a game changer for me if so!

Incredible devices! However, I can't seem to find the max application section in my preferences? Anything I can do here?

I'm using High Sierra 10.13.4 and Max version 8.0.0 and no errors on the max console

Looks like a really cool device but I can't seem to get any signal through it?

Hey i've done everything in the set up but still having no luck, I feel like i'm adding the extra "max.dynamic.jar.dir [deeploops-root]/java/lib
max.jvm.option -Djava.library.path=[deeploops-root]/bin" text incorrectly.

Do you just add it at the bottom of the config file?

Are the two downloads the java development kits? Sorry to be a pain haha, i'm a bit of a max noob

I'm getting the same error message as someone mentioned previously

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.tensorflow.TensorFlow
at Maxglu.version(
at Maxglu.bang(

I am on a Mac however, what can I do here?